Montreal Mob War: 'Precise Hits on Both Sides'

Vito Rizzuto is battling an alliance of underworld figures who
have joined against him.
This is an interesting story, as it offers insight into exactly whom Vito Rizzuto and his family have been fighting against since his return to Canada from a U.S. prison...

From Sun News:

TORONTO - A low-key mob war being waged in Quebec won't rattle this province because Ontario is the economic engine fuelling the battle, sources say.

Ontario is the source of most of the wealth for organized crime while the violence for the most part remains in Quebec.

The province, according to investigators and an organized crime expert, is bankrolling European operations, often targets of tough money laundering and asset seizure laws.

The war in Quebec intensified when chieftain Vito Rizzuto returned home in early October.

It's a battle that has pitted Rizzuto against an alliance of underworld figures who have also sided with a group of opponents, some of whom are based in Ontario.

It has been a war of precise hits on both sides, where key members have been assassinated and, along the way, possibly a few internal squabbles were settled as well.

"The longer Rizzuto stays alive, the stronger he gets and the weaker the Calabrians get," a police investigator said. "So many people made so much money with him, including the Calabrians, things could return to the way they were."

The gauntlet was dropped in 2009 while Rizzuto was in a federal U.S. penitentiary in Colorado for his role in the 1981 assassinations of three Bonanno captains planning a coup.

While in prison, the Montreal mob boss lost his son Nicolo, his father Nicolo Sr., and other close members of his family to usurpers.

It also saw a former boss of the Bonanno family of New York - who agreed to leave the U.S. in April 2009 after being ordered deported - try to set up shop in Quebec while Rizzuto was in jail. But Montreal-born Sal "Bambino Boss" Montagna was whacked in November 2011 before he was able to solidify his role in the underworld.

Four men are charged in that murder.

Rizzuto returned to Quebec in October after serving his time in the U.S., and since his arrival, there have been a few hits police believe are related to the underworld power struggle. ...

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