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Me, trying to look tough...
I know a huge percentage of my readers live in New York City and Long Island, which coincidentally is where a lot of the Mafia lives.

Are you truly interested in the Mafia? I am working on possibly setting up an event, which would be an "Ed Scarpo Presents Dinner with..." kind of an event.

Now, my idea of a good event is a small, limited gathering in a nice steakhouse. Me and maybe 10-12 others sit around a table and sip wine and discuss Cosa Nostra with a former member of the Mafia.

Face it, "former" is the next best thing. Unless you're a hardcore crook, you aren't going to get an opportunity to sit down with an active member.

I don't like crowds. I don't like sitting for hours on an uncomfortable chair... Like I said, think steakhouse and wine. (I'd add cigars, but you know the goddamn anti-smoking laws.)

So it won't be a cheap event. It won't be for everybody unfortunately because we would be able to seat only so many. So if this even remotely interests you, you might want to sign up for my newsletter because I need a way to send  invitations.

It is still early and I am trying to gauge interest. That said, I do have something "specific" in the early stages, but please, leave comments on what you think of my idea: small,  intimate steakhouse gathering versus plastic chairs in a VFW hall somewhere... would you attend? How much would you be willing pay to sit down with a made guy who can tell stories, answer all your questions...


  1. Kendall Townshend wrote:
    I WOULD LOVE TO GO!!!! Please please please invite me! My name is Kendall. I am 30 years old and I am from Lewes, De. I read all the mob books, seen all the mob movies ( most of them anyway) and I couldn't think of anything I'd rather do more. I find the whole thing fascinating. I am very well mannered and am very polite. I'm a good dresser. I think the sit down dinner is a Great idea!!! ...I'd be willing to shell out anywhere from 200-300 dollars. Please keep me in mind when you are making up your guest list. Thank You!

    1. Kendall, I have your comment in my files. I didn't want to leave it live because you put your phone number in it! You're at the top of the list, guy! I will be in touch with you shortly.

    2. Sounds good. How do I sign up for the newsletter?

    3. See top of left-hand column - under Cosa Nostra Newsletter, enter your email address. Thanks!!

  2. I would love it...out of Ga but will come to NY for least $150.00 maybe more Heck I have paid $200.00 for a concert ticket...and all I got was the music

  3. Would love to either the VFW hall or the steakhouse.


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