Major Heroin Traffickers Flooding New York City

Assault rifles seized by DEA agents during drug raids.
An article on details how this year's surge in heroin trafficking based in New York City has reached its highest level in 20 years, as the big players begin to consolidate control over the drug market here, as well as all along the East Coast. Law enforcement officials have mostly picked off the sloppy, small-time operators, the article noted.

Of particular concern: "Staten Island narcotics detectives have recorded a steep increase in the amount of heroin taken off the street there so far this year — up 61 percent compared with 2013. Detectives are also beginning to find organized networks of dealers there, in what had long been a haven of low crime rates and unlocked doors.

"So far, police actions have only served to keep drug prices elevated by eliminating some of the more careless dealers.

“It’s cheap, it’s potent and there’s a user demand here right now and they’re flooding the market,” said James J. Hunt, who heads the Drug Enforcement Administration’s New York office. “In my time, we’ve never seen the amount of large heroin seizures like this.”

"Roughly 35 percent of heroin seized by the Drug Enforcement Administration nationwide since October was confiscated by agents in New York State. In years past, the state has accounted for about one-fifth of heroin seizures nationwide.

"Mr. Hunt said that distributors of drugs favor locating hubs in New York City for the same reason that business have flocked here for centuries: a big local market and easy access to other East Coast areas."


  1. What's happening is, everybody is getting hooked on perscription pills and when they can't afford them they jump to the heroin, this is a bad cycle, the mission isn't just to weed out the heroin dealers, it's to cut it off at the beginning and get the pills n the doctors who are perscribing them off the streets.

  2. Listen as long as u have persscription drugs u gonna have the street drugs legalize every thing tax the shit out if it and watch how much u drop the federal deficit and be able to control what ends up on the street


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