Well, That's That, as They Say...

Well, that's that.

For some reason, the poll I was running regarding this blog's design lost all its data.

I was considering a redesign of the blog; the sliding panel up top, for example, takes up a lot of space that I could otherwise use.

I've never been crazy about the color scheme, either, frankly. The guy I partnered with last year, who disappeared on me (not in the literal sense! He won't return my calls or emails), created the whole thing without even asking me for feedback.

My traffic leapt, though, so I was hesitant to change it.

Now that it's been up about a year or so, I am thinking it's time for a change.

So maybe what I really want to ask is, How much do you love the current design? I'd like to change it, if you think I should absolutely leave it as is, please let me know....



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  1. Ed, something else I can help you with. Turning traffic into Transactions. I see the internal marketing efforts you are using, not bad. getting local semi relevant ads posted on the left. When and we will talk soon. 20 years of Marketing experience might be able to help you. Don Draper of today's marketing eco-sysymem ;) Will need to know daily traffic #'s and of course this is all gratis.

    1. Wow--that would be great! I talk to quite a few folks, but I think I know who you might be... I'd be extremely grateful....

    2. Give me some clue as to who you are.... I have marketing and advertising experience myself. You think you could get me better ads? The real key is traffic. I need more pairs of eyes on this page. The question is not one of marketing but designing a first-class site, flooding it with fantastic copy and promoting the hell out of it....

    3. Hey, its the developer. Let's chat. Send me a phone number to henrymcintosh3@gmail

  2. Greetings. I love the site content but I would change the site design, if it were me. You could gain alot of breathing room from the ads by doubling the width reserved for the text. Also, I would get rid of the Galante header and see if you can have something more representative of the mob, in general. Finally, I would remove the revolving part or, if you keep it, update it alot. otherwise people won't look at it often and will have to just look further down the page for the stories they want. and that's what they want! the great stories you write!

  3. ED if your know who offered the help hit me up with a DM on the T C4


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