Treasure Trove of Links to Free "Mob Boss" Extras

We finally finished "Mob Boss" by Jerry Capeci and Tom Robbins (now we just have four more books to get through, then on to the next batch) and were doing a little more research on Al D'Arco when we found a whole ton of stuff right out there in the open on Gang Land News.

If you're interested in Al, the Luchese family, or the Mafia in New York in general, you might want to check out some of these links in this post from GangLand News:

D'Arco was the first acting Mafia boss to cooperate when he flipped in 1991. His testimony helped send more than 50 mob figures to prison, and his decision to defect prompted many others to follow his lead, including then-Gambino family underboss, Sammy Bull Gravano.

You can tour the tough streets near the Brooklyn Navy Yard where Al D'Arco was raised, and follow him through the Mafia social clubs of Little Italy and south Brooklyn on this special google map of Al D'Arco's New York.

Jerry Capeci stopped in to talk with WBGO's award winning radio commentator Allan Wolper about covering mob funerals, Mob Boss, midnight phone calls from Bruce Cutler, and the world of organized crime. Check out the special edition of Conversations With Allan Wolper.

Listen to Brian Lehrer's public radio interview of Jerry Capeci and Tom Robbins about Mob Boss, their sizzling hot new book about Alfonso (Little Al) D'Arco, through this online link. They discuss D'Arco's value as a government witness, his reasons for defecting from the Mafia, and the status of the new, emerging ethnic crime groups.

The New York Times review says Mob Boss is a "gripping, novelistic biography ... a bulls-eye."

Co-authors Jerry Capeci and Tom Robbins spent an hour chatting with Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa about Little Al and a host of other topics, including John A. Gotti, the erstwhile Junior Don whom the outspoken radio talk show host would like to see go to hell without an asbestos suit for allegedly ordering Sliwa's shooting during a taxi cab ride from hell back in 1992.

A few days before legendary WOR radio personality John Gambling announced that he was retiring after 27 years on the air, he and Jerry Capeci talked about the life and times of Little Al D'Arco and the immense impact his decision to flip had on the world of organized crime.

Listen to two radio reports about Mob Boss and Little Al D'Arco by 1010 WINS investigative reporter Juliet Papa.

Check out the walk-talk through Little Al's old haunts in Little Italy that Wall Street Journal columnist Ralph Gardner took with co-authors Capeci and Robbins.

If you were in Little Italy in early October, you could have snagged an autographed copy at McNally Jackson, at 52 Prince Street, across the street from where Little Al used to enjoy pasta e fagiole at Ray's Pizza, and a few blocks from where he ran his own four star restaurant on Cleveland Place.

Read more about Mob Boss in the Village Voice, or in two Mob Boss excerpts that ran in the New York Post, including one about Ray's Pizza, where much more than pies were on the menu.


  1. I actually just finished or am about to finish this book. You know what Al is right, Marking someone a rat is just as bad as if not worse than one.

    Growing up in Brooklyn during Gaspipes Hay Day. I saw 1st hand how ruthless he was. I knew 2 of his victims from the area, no great loss to society that much I can say.

    It should be interesting to see the how things unfold with 2 Mad Hatters just getting a taste of freedom after 18 years. Which during that time the power shifted back to the Bronx.

    I think GC will go straight and be successful in a legit business. He was a decent guy for what he was. I don't know the other well at all.

    Jerry C's books are fact checked and rechecked. I wish I could say the same for others but I do not wish to speak ill of the dead. However the other book on GP was way off base, maybe because he actually believed GP's lies. As I have read from a prosecutor once said putting Casso on the stand would be like putting Lucifer on the stand.

    He is right where he belongs along with those 2 disgrace to the NYPD who killed a man I knew. Tarnish the badge?? They should rot in hell.

    Either you are a Gangster or a Cop or a civilian. Dirty Cops like those 2 are the worst of the worst. Ok thats enough. Some of actually work legit :)

    1. Yeah.... I can understand cops who take money and look the other way for small time stuff, gambling and shit, but there has to be a line. That's entirely why the bosses knew drugs were "dirty business." Puzo grasped that and used it to make a fictional mob boss, Vito Corleone, a sympathetic character. But these two bastards are worse than the Mafia. Wanna see something that blows my mind? Watch Steven Caracappa on 60 Minutes where he lies right through his teeth and looking into your eye. Scum. And the best part: it was fat Lou's fat ego that brought them down. Writes a book and goes on TV. Ass!

    2. I'd love it if Lou's daughter sees this. I want to know what proof she has of their innocence. Deathbed statements? Crap that Gaspipe made up after they tossed his ass in a maxi for 500 years?? Burt Kaplan had more integrity than all of them. He only rolled because Casso killed the wrong man once -- an innocent man was shot in the street because the millionaire Casso was too cheap and the mob cops too petty. Some real winners there....

    3. Anon I think your right about GC looks like he is doing his halfway house time in or near vegas. As for GZ well I heard he is lurking around the neighborhood trying to stay out of sight but lining things up.

  2. Replies
    1. Georgie Goggles ..geeze pay attention lol last name ends in a C I said getting out after 18 years and going straight legit good guy. Casso is never or should get out u have no idea do you ?

  3. For second there guys if not for the intials i thought u were talking about NICKY SCARFO SR

    1. ^^in reference to GP the two of them been related
      for there way of thinking

  4. Funny though how the Anon post on 5/25 knew exactly who GC and GZ are. I don't care how many books you have read or things people have written, about. If you didn't live it you will never get it...sorry

  5. Ed, You mention this blog becoming a pain in the ass or those reading it. Care to elaborate on which post. As I posted the rather longer one on Gaspipe and the dirty cops and the GC being Georgie Goggles to the confused person. If my comments were annoying to you please advise DC4

    1. Had nothing to do with anything on this blog; rather emails I get from people who think I am a private investigator...


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