DiMichele Pleads Guilty Again, Agrees to $40G Restitution

Alicia DiMichele is due to plead guilty in Brooklyn Federal Court next month for stealing union funds, the newspapers reported today.

We'll believe it when it happens, as this case has been fraught with twists and turns.

This means DiMichele will change her plea yet again in order to agree to pay $40,000 in restitution to Teamsters Local 282 for embezzling funds "— but her brother had to step in Tuesday to write the first check," the New York Daily News reported

Brother Anthony wrote a check out for the initial restitution payment of $20,000.

As noted, Judge Sandra Townes allowed DiMichele to change her not guilty plea because the judge had decided to impose a restitution amount even larger than the hefty $116,000 prosecutors were then seeking.

The parties had originally agreed to an amount of $20,000. Basically, Townes prompted DiMichele to agree to pay twice the amount of the original agreement.

“The years of litigation with her husband in jail have taken a toll on her family and her financial stability,” said DiMichele's lawyer, Steve Zissou.

DiMichele, 40, is married to Colombo wiseguy Edward "Tall Guy" Garofalo, who is serving seven years for murder conspiracy. He's already served around three.

DiMichele resigned from “Mob Wives” earlier this year and also changed her plea to not guilty. (The show so far is quite boring, and despite DiMichele's decision to quit to curry favor with an anti-Mafia judge, the producers of the VH1 really want her to come back!)

She still, however, owns the Addiction Boutique in Cherry Hill, N.J. No word on whether the other store is still operating.

DiMichele withdrew her guilty plea after the union demanded $2.8 million in restitution. Since then, a settlement was reached, under which she will plead guilty for a second time next month in Brooklyn Federal Court.

She still faces up to six months behind bars.