Who's This Babe? Wouldn't You Like to Know...

Who's the babe?

You can read all about her on my sister site, Requiem for an Editor, which is actually my first blog.

It evolved into this blog, which, of course, focuses on Cosa Nostra in America, as well as in Canada -- all three Mafias in fact (Cosa Nostra, the Ndrangheta and the Camorra) and related organized crime groups across the globe.

Requiem is where I write about everything else.

The "everything else" category includes stories on Evelyn McHale -- read why she is called the most beautiful suicide case ever -- and "Revenge Porn," the key promulgator of which is Tor, an anonymizing web browser that provides a safe way for you to enter and navigate the “dark net."

Hey, what else do you think I would write about?


  1. I wouldn't choose any other man in this world but my dad ! He has given me everything n anything I wanted with unconditional love , I would lay my life down fir him if I could , Vic Amuso is a timid soul. He is nothing but a old nan in a stinky jail cell as the same with Gaspipe n every day I gloat over the fact that they are incarcerated , may they burn in the flames of hell like the dogs that they are

  2. Ur father is a pathetic lying rat, Look at he big shot whoring trying to make a buck.
    And so are both ur junky brothers.
    Ur father will die A rat w no friends and just have his fat ass wrinkled daughter to stare at,

  3. Ava is a whore
    Brothers are junkies
    Lets take the advice and word of a lying rat that would blow his sons to avoid jail time. Great us govt we have! Clap clap

  4. You. Asshole , you know NOTHING about my family you are a jealous faggot , I am n never was a " whore " # 2 I have 2 brothers yes , but one never even smoked a cigarette , so the brother a assume you are

  5. My brother had a addiction so have millions if other people , you just are one of these people that talk big behind the pen but have nicotine stains on your underwears the minute you ever saw him in person cause you would be afraid your most likely a 9-5 person punching the clock every day , your jealousy is very obvious , my family has tons n tons if money from our book n our own things you have nothing but the 2$ shirt on your back hahahaha

  6. Of course. This is semantics. Dozens of people have different motives for wanting things known, on both sides. The point is that Vic shouldn't be written off. Crea probably wanted Capeci to write that story more than anyone else. Obviously when the boss is away an acting boss and/or triumvirate run the family.

  7. Roland PryzbylewskiNov 21, 2014, 6:17:00 PM

    The boss is the boss is the boss. DUH Vic can't run things on the street but he is still the top dog. Your crown isn't taken away from you when you stand up and take a life sentence. It goes when you die or RAT like that RAT piece of shit D'Arco.

  8. Of course the feds have a motive too. Like they can't get Crea so they wanna improve their image.


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