Ben Affleck’s 'The Town' Inspires Real-Life Bank Robbery

"Chicago has been known for its criminal history. Organized crime, dangerous neighborhoods, and the kidnapping of the NBA for all of the 90s; the city knows a thing or two about doing bad. It does not, however, know how to be creative with its recent robberies," writes The A.V. Club Chicago.

"Last week, a man and woman robbed a Palos Heights bank dressed up in nun costumes. This may sound very familiar to movie buffs, probably because Ben Affleck did the exact same thing in The Town, which co-stars the recently maybe nude Blake Lively."



  1. It's sad to know that news. This proves that films have great influence to viewers of all ages.Two armed bandits in nun costumes robbed a financial institution Sunday, jumping a teller countertop and running away with an undisclosed sum of money. The robbery closely echoed a scenario in last year's critically commended film, "The Town," with Ben Affleck. If Affleck isn’t careful, he may end up paying personal loans for a lawsuit.


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