Judge on Mafia Trial Wants Ethics Inquiry

Judge Garaufis
Eastern District Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis is referring to the First Department disciplinary committee the testimony of two witnesses in the trial of Vincent Basciano, reports the New York Law Journal.

According to said testimony, the three lawyers in question had disclosed the dining habits of a federal prosecutor, which could have resulted "in injury or murder of a law enforcement officer."

Judge Garaufis said he was "extremely troubled" by the testimony. In his statement following a recent proceeding at trial, the judge said, "I am not saying or concluding" that the testimony of the two witnesses, both members of organized crime families, were true, "but I think they require some investigation,'" the Law Journal reports.

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  1. Attorney Richman has served as a mob bag man for over 30 years. A dirty little man he has facilitated mobsters in their violent ways all in the name of enriching himself.

  2. mr breitbart started taking from nicky barnes & has not stopped. a c-note on the table buys his layalty. the true successor to gino galina, he sold out the profession to stay alive


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