Capeci on How Kasman Supposedly Saved the Gangland Writer's Life

Turncoat Lewis Kasman got about
$144,000 a year to betray ex-pal
John (Junior) Gotti, the FBI said.

Lewis Kasman -- remember him? -- says he saved my life so I shouldn't write bad things about him. For all I know, he may be right. So, in that spirit, I will take things down a notch and just report that the self-described "adopted son" of the late John Gotti is back, six months after he quietly slithered out of town free as a bird after double crossing Gotti and the feds, writes Jerry Capeci on the


  1. Jerry
    The opperative word is " supposedly" What tjis piece says to me is a journalist has learned how deep in the muck his government will go for a witness. Kasman lies when he says Hello in the morning. Gotti was not an adoptive father, rather a powerful mark, exploited by this piece of garbage con man to his own end. Abeeted by two factors, Gotti;s vanity and his stupidity. Every time a U S Attorney agrees to release this type of scum into society without proper punishment they diminish our country as one governed by laws.

  2. Kasman had a hand in Gotti's pocket while Gotti kept a lim dick in Kasmans ass. A fact macho Gambino acolytesant kept secret

  3. boy i'd be pissed if uncle sam moved this human scum into my neighborhood

  4. Kasman Was they "adopted son" of Gotti -- Kasman had the Father son relationship that his own son NEVER had! Thats a fact! Jr. was outside LOOKING in.... Kasman's deal with the FEDS he was never to testify against Jr. Gotti -- Thats a fact! Kasman saved the life of Jerry Capeci on two (2) ocassions and that of a Federal Warden....

  5. What about that Federal Judge in the EDNY -- Kasman assisted the FEDS in that matter as well..... Kasman should write a TELL ALL book!!


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