Feds Downsize Mob Squads

The FBI'S New York bureau has downsized its organized-crime squads just two months after its massive gangster takedown, reported The New York Daily News, among others newspapers, though the news was first disclosed by Jerry Capeci on his pay-per-view website, ganglandnews.com.

Heretofore each of the city's five families had its own squad of FBI agents investigating it.

The reorganization involves the merger of the Bonanno and Colombo squads; the Lucchese squad teamed up with a unit investigating Eastern European crime crews.The Genovese and Gambino crime families each still have their own dedicated squads.

As Capeci more bluntly explained it on his site: "Six weeks after the feds loudly proclaimed that they are still pursuing mobsters with a vengeance, the FBI has quietly cut the number of New York squads that investigate the notorious Five Families. There used to be five, one for each. That’s been cut to just three. It’s not just re-organizing either. The total number of mob-busting agents is also cut by some 25 per cent, Gang Land has learned.

"As a result of changes that began this week, sources say the FBI now has only about 45 agents investigating the ongoing criminal activity of some 700 mobsters and an estimated 7,000 associates of New York’s five Mafia families that operate in the city and surrounding suburbs.

"The changes come two years after they were first considered, and rejected, as unwise."

Some law enforcement officials fear this downsizing could lead to a resurgence of the Mafia, with the News article noting, that the Bonanno family rose from "ashes a generation ago after it was decimated by undercover FBI agent Joseph Pistone," aka Donnie Brasco.


  1. Feds don't need a lot of people in their Mob Squad. Today, all they need to do is catch one guy and he'll rat out ten.


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