Tell-All Tome About Jilly's, Sinatra, Gotti

Entertainer-club proprietor-turned-author Tony Delvecchio's "Sinatra, Gotti and Me: The Rise and Fall of Jilly's Nightclub" was told in his own words to author Rich Herschlag and was recently published, according to the Pocono Record.

"Jilly's was one of the most popular, famous and notorious nightclubs in New York City during the 1960s, and then again in the late 1970s when it was revived by Delvecchio and Tony Fusco, and hosted by its namesake, Jilly Rizzo, the best friend of Frank Sinatra. Looking for someone to watch his back, Delvecchio brought in an old friend, John Gotti, a rising captain in the Gambino family," the article read.

"The renovated Jilly's once again became the hot spot for A-list celebrities, gangsters, regulars and wannabes. From John Gotti to Sinatra, Jilly's was the place to be — and Delvecchio ran it day and night with the able service of the Jilly Girls, plus a few bartenders provided by Gotti, before his days as the "Teflon Don."

"In 1980, Jilly's started losing large sums of money, and the trail led to John Gotti's handpicked bartender. Employing the kind of tortured logic that makes perfect sense only in the wiseguy world, Delvecchio and his crew drove out to the infamous Bergin Hunt and Fish Club to ask Gotti for a loan."

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  1. this story is a figment of a wannabees imagination. in 1980 gotti couldn't help himself. bergin hunt was not his, nor was he a capo. sinatra, pesci and valli all belonged to the genovese crew. this story has no foundation. if the mob believed in a court to resolve a problem they would sue. a legitimate news source should check the acccuracy of what it prints better then was done here

  2. This is not an article but a reprint of a review of a book that was written and published.

  3. the book is fiction posing as fact. the characters written about were to interesting to be cheapened by this farce. whoever wrote the prose owed more to the truth then this. Wonder if Delvecchio is the former FBI agent who tipped Scarpa off?

  4. put gotti's name in and sell papers. gotti was a mutt, never was what the press said. the mutt had to hire aryan nation freaks at florence to protect him, some wise guy. Sinatra, Jilly Pesci all were with the west village, never gotti, the mutt

  5. Dom the Sailor...I was wondering the same thing, but if it is him, he has such better subject matter to be writing a book about!

  6. And the West Village grew to hate Gotti after certain events in 1985...

  7. I'm sure that 99% of this book, like most others are BS. A good example is that ten commandments of the mob on A&E, the guy shadowed in the dark, Tony aka Frank Saggio is claiming he is a former Bonanno soldier and the show not even doing research to confirm it or not? The reason is they don't want the answer, I give him credit for being the only thing he is or ever was a con man. He was put with a guy that he hated and hated him. The guy was never a skipper and Frank was never a soldier, End of story, The guy sold a book and a snow job to half wits that don't know any better. Now, getting to Benji, to say that Johnny Gotti was a mutt has to be the biggest lying coward statement I ever heard. Whether people liked him or didn't doesn't matter, to call him a mutt, Cmon fella, did he abuse you or something? The guy was a legit tough guy and you know and I know that if he were alive or if you were speaking to anyone besides your girl scout troop, you wouldn't have even looked at him crooked, so look in the mirror and be real with yourself. Only a moron would listen to what you said, it's complete and utter stupidity. Also, as far as Florence was concerned, Could you have done an hour there? Look in that mirror again or would you have become Florence to survive? Be true to yourself!

  8. Charlie get real. The street knew Gotti waqs a mutt. He threatened lawyers, woman and weak men. Hadn't done a piece of work in years, sold drugs and shook down his soldiers for money to pay gambling debts. Chin abused him in front of his own, two brothers inside for drug deals, a wimpy son crying to get out, a slut daughter selling books ghostwritten by others, and a wife who abused him in the house. Tough guys handle their own business. Big bad Johnny boy lied to Paul, hid behind Neil and then took the family down . he never had the brains, or balls to be a boss. He was a figment of his own imagination. You buy the hype created by a press looking to sell papers. I knewe tough guys and a loudmouth Gotti is not one

  9. Charlie west proves if you give a monkey a computer and enough time he will write something that seems to make sense. Tough guys take care of business. Gotti was in 23 hour lockdown at Florence. In one free hour he got a bad beatin. Used wealth earned by others to buy protection. Compare that to sonny at leavenworth. the only new york guy there he tamed the whole "hothouse" in a year. a true tough guy no one helped him, he was not a mutt nor did he act like won. your john cowered in the corner when a real tough guy faced him. put straight john gotti was an asshole

  10. I'm not going to argue, it's nonsense, You called the guy a mutt, I was referring to you, not chin, you obviously aren't that out of touch, because I'll admit that Chin did have words with him. Let's leave it there, I realized with your name-Neils kin, I can see why it's personal...

  11. Assistant proprietor, Tony "Jersey Boy" Fusco is more of a comedian than a singer at this dive "Jilly's." Fusco is a legend in his own mind, comparing himself to singers and composers like Frank Sinatra. Listening to this bum sing will make you laugh, cry in pain or both. I highly recommend you have earplugs installed for your casual dining and drinking pleasure, if this self-proclaimed "Jersey boy" is performing. His blog site speaks for itself. The band and backup singers are great and comparing them with Tony boy is like putting a hot martini in a highball glass next to cold diarrhea in a dixie cup. Not surprising, Fusco practices law like he sings. You're better off representing yourself than retaining this crooked shyster. "Tony the Terrible" will torture and steal flies from a blind spider. Fusco is notorious for framing his legal colleagues and clients. Jersey boy's malfeasance includes embezzlement, extortion and perjury, among many others. Teflon Tony considers himself "The Godfather" of the legal profession when in actuality, he's nothing but a two-bit spineless thug!

    1. Fusco gave Sinatra's ass a lot of lip service as well as having his nose up it. Sinatra didn't have much to do with the schmuck, although Fusco would say otherwise. A shyster lawyer who's a wannabe celebrity and tough guy.

  12. Tony Fusco is as queer and crooked as a 3 dollar bill.


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