John Gotti Rode the LIRR Three Days a Week

Did you miss John Gotti's self-proclaimed-adopted-son-turned-informer Lewis Kasman speaking on the Curtis Sliwa show? Click here.

You'll hear such unbelievable nuggets as how in the early 1990s John Gotti and Jackie "Nose" D'Amico rode the Long Island Rail Road into the city two-three days a week to show up at no-work jobs in midtown. The company's business? Making zippers.

I rode the railroad every day for 20 years, from 1989 on -- I never saw them!

Additionally, "Kasman, who became a paid FBI informer against the imprisoned-for-life mob boss in 1997, took a few gentle swipes at the man he eulogized at his 2002 funeral. But he also added some good hard shots at other family members, including Gotti’s brother Richard, a family capo," wrote Jerry Capeci in his latest column.

"Richard, he said, kept $50,000 that his brother Peter gave him to pay for the Dapper Don’s funeral, and hurled anti-semitic epithets at Kasman when he questioned it. Then, after Kasman paid the bill, Richard reneged on a pledge to pay $5000 in tips to the funeral workers, he said."

Read the rest, if you are a subscriber. (It's only five bucks a month, and as a Mafia enthusiast, I see it is an absolute bargain -- and no, I am not on Jerry's payroll, I get nothing for this plug.)


  1. Kasman is a total scumbag. Why does he get any air or print time? His interviewer, Sliwa, is the only one who deserves him.


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