Dept. of 'You've Got to be Kidding': Kasman Critiques Travolta as Not 'Tough Enough' to Play Gotti

Kasman: Travolta not tough enough to
play John Gotti Sr. He should know!
Of all people, Lewis Kasman -- who is not a former mobster, as the Mail Online erroneously reports -- claims John Travolta is not tough enough to play notorious Mafia boss John Gotti in the upcoming biopic produced by Fiore Films, reports the U.K. newspaper's website.

"For John Gotti Sr., you need a man's man to play that role," said Kasman, who is in the FBI's witnesses protection program -- not where you'd expect to find a real "man's man."

Let's break this down a little and put the inmates back in the straight jackets to keep them from trying to run the asylum: Kasman was a two-bit phony who pretended to be a friend of the Gotti family, going so far as to call himself "John Gotti's adopted son," when for years he was tape-recording and handing over information to the Feds behind the Gotti's collective backs. He even wiretapped Gotti Senior's wife when she was emotional over the loss of her husband and the seemingly unending RICO onslaught by the Feds against her son, who had a life sentence hanging over his head for years -- enough anxiety -- and legal bills -- to make you want to gargle Drano.

The truth and Kasman do not seemingly overlap. He said once on the Curtis Sliwa show (click here to hear it): "John's thrill of a day was to take the Long Island Railroad, go through Penn Station and come to work, and he used to do that three days or four days a week, with Jackie Nose (D'Amico) in tow." No one believes that one. Any of you LIRR riders from Queens ever see Gotti sitting on the train, maybe flipping through a NY Daily News?

Mob scribe Jerry Capeci related in a post on the "Lewis Kasman -- remember him? -- says he saved my life so I shouldn't write bad things about him. For all I know, he may be right. So, in that spirit, I will take things down a notch and just report that the self-described "adopted son" of the late John Gotti is back, six months after he quietly slithered out of town free as a bird after double crossing Gotti and the feds..."

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  1. Anonymous, the mob is a genre, like cowboy films, cops & robbers, horror/sci-fi, comedy, romance -- and it is a uniquely American genre. I look forward to seeing the Gotti biopic (and have seen most mob films, including some god-awful indy crap). I just ask that a film be good -- riveting, with a good plot, believable characters, some production value. And in films based on "real people" I hate it when the actors do not look like the person they are playing! I think you are in the minority with your dislike of this genre -- even the Feds watch gangster films! And as for Scientology, etc., I don't give a fig about an actor's private life, especially which religion he follows, unless it has something to do with certain kinds of crime; I just ask that he do a good job. Travolta, I think was a smart move, he is a star, thanks to Tarantino, and I could see him playing this role. I think DeNiro would have been the better choice, especially back in the Analyze This days; though age-wise I am sure he could still cut it. And as I have said, someone is missing a golden opportunity to make a film about the Chin: I have always thought Chazz, who is in the Gotti biopic, looks exactly like the Chin! Someone should capitalize on that!!!!


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