Not All Consider 'Mikey Scars' the King of the Rats

Having served as John Junior's attorney, Jeffrey Lichtman is far from an unbiased source when it comes to the subject of "Mikey Scars" DiLeonardo. Lichtman called the sentence DiLeonardo wound up with -- time served, which freed the former Gambino mobster right then and there --  a "disgrace to our criminal justice system," in a story on

Other choice phrases that dropped out of Lichtman's mouth regarding Scars included "serial killer" and a "liar who was a horrible witness and was rewarded with less than three years in prison."

"John's moved on, this is ancient history for him," Mr. Lichtman said of Mr. Gotti, in the story. "The ultimate irony is that Mikey Scars has served three times the amount of time in prison as John did [meaning three years] and unlike John, he's got a felony conviction from these cases."

But other observers were skeptical that Mr. DiLeonardo's cooperation was as important as the government argued, the notes, among them Jerry Capeci, Mafia historian and author, who could be considered an unbiased source on this topic.

Capeci called DiLeonardo a "far cry from the biggest cooperating witness to come down the pike." He noted the recent testimony of Joseph Massino, the former boss of the Bonanno crime family, who turned cooperating witness and became the first head of a Mafia family to testify against his associates.

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