Secret 'Mafia' Safe Found in Tahoe Casino May Be Opened on Oprah Show

The supposed Mafia safe may
make a guest appearance on a
new Oprah Winfrey series, Found.

During a remodeling of Bill’s Casino in South Lake Tahoe, a hidden safe was found inside the walls. "There was literally NO ACCESS to this safe. It was just there, totally walled in. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking: “there has got to be something incredible in that safe," writes

The former owner of Bill’s Casino -- "and likely the guy who knows what is in the safe," the website adds -- was killed by a car bomb in 1968. "We’re gonna go out on a limb and say that casino owners who get killed by car bombs in the 60s were generally involved in the mob," reports

The Mafia did operate in Tahoe. Sinatra owned the Ca-Neva casino, which is said to have had a slew of secret tunnels that JFK used to "secretly enter the room of Maryln Monroe..."

The deceased supposed-mobster and one-time owner of Bill’s was Richard Chartrand. Mike Laub is currently the owner and has the safe. Laub’s son Jordan claims that "he’s gonna open the safe live on the Internet on Reddit or some damn thing like that. They apparently aren’t worried about what’s inside nor the Mafia repercussions…"

More recently Mike Laub told the Toronto Star that Google+ wanted to livestream the event and that Oprah Winfrey’s producers would be filming it for a series called Found, reports

It appears Winfrey’s producers are attempting to land exclusive broadcast rights.

According to Jordan Laub, the show’s locksmith will open the safe on Labor Day, Sept. 5. writes that it will update this strange story with more details as info becomes available.

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