Sonny Girard on Imprisoned Mobster Shot Up With Rubber Bullets

Acting Colombo crime boss Andrew (Mush) Russo, 77, made it through fifty years of mob life without getting shot. But, thanks to that "earthquake" that struck the Northeast last week, he took more than five bullets in the back. Thankfully for Mush, they were rubber bullets, so he is not hovering near death's door -- but getting hit with a rubber bullet is supposedly more painful than taking a lead slug.

He was shot by corrections officer in the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, where Andy is living these days.

Ironically, he was on the phone, checking if his lived ones were okay, when the officers let loose; they also lobbed a tear gas canister at him, which smashed his leg, in addition to spewing its vile contents into his eyes, nose and mouth.

I could tell you the whole story, but all I am doing is setting you up for the latest blog post from former mobster-turned-published author Sonny Girard, courtesy of his blog, Sonny's Mob Cafe:

Reputed mob boss Andy Russo was shot in the back eight times. Mob war? No, he was shot by Metropolitan Detention Center guards while on the phone during last week’s New York earthquake. Since he was the only one who got hit with those eight non-lethal bullets, it begs the question, “Was it a hit by the prison guard mob against a well known street guy?” Seems absurd, but eight? Andrew is in for a very serious crime too. When a friend of his got stabbed by a guy linked to the Gambino’s, he met with the Gambino rep to work out a deal so that their friend paid for the damages. The charge by Eric Holder (yes, the same AG who dropped voter intimidation charges on the New Black Panthers AFTER they’d been judged guilty), is that Russo “extorted” the Gambinos. Sound stupid? Yes, it is.

Holder: what, me worry?

With any luck, the 77 year old Andrew will receive a “Get Out of Jail Free” card for not bringing a lawsuit against the Bureau of Prisons. That is not uncommon. “Little Dom” Cataldo earned one by having boiling water accidentally spill on him while working in a prison kitchen. He filed suit, but got an offer he couldn’t refuse: “Drop the suit and go home.” Dom did exactly that…that time. He wound up back on another case and died there of natural causes. The Russo incident also brings up the issues of other mobsters harmed or killed in prison by staff. ...

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