Film: 'Junior' Pins Four More Hits, Including Favara, on His Late Father -- Maybe

Gotti killed four more,
according to son Junior's
film of his life. (Unless it's
from one of the fake
scripts sent to the media.)
EDITOR'S NOTE: Fiore Films has admitted sending out phony copies of the script for its upcoming Gotti biopic, apparently to fool the media. Mr. Fiore, trust me when I say: The media won't forget this dirty trick, especially when you expect them to hang laurels from the film in their reviews. This was a dumb, arrogrant move on your part, my friend. Anyway, readers, this post may be based on a fake script for all I know, but it was reported on by several sources, including the one and only Jerry Capeci.

John Junior Gotti blames his Mafia father for four additional murders -- heretofore unknown by any sources -- in the upcoming film about the Teflon Don, according to published reports, including in the U.K.'s Mail Online.

"Gotti, who never took the stand in any of the four racketeering trials where he escaped a federal conviction, has claimed his crime-boss dad posed as an NYPD detective while involved in an unknown revenge killing of three Irish gangsters," reports the U.K. paper.

Junior has also pinned the murder of a neighbor on his father, according to the biopic, titled Gotti: In the Shadow of My Father. (Junior has a "story by" credit for the movie - to be directed by Oscar-winner Barry Levinson.) He "credits the 'Dapper Don' with orchestrating the murder of the neighbor, who killed his 12-year-old son, Frank, in a car accident in 1980," the report says.

John Favara was allegedly shot several months after the accident on orders of the late Gambino crime boss, who died from cancer in 2001, Favara's body was never found. A cottage industry of sorts has sprung up about Favara's exact fate, with the goriest version I have ever heard coming from former police detective John Coffey, who has said that Gotti Senior himself chainsawed the man in half while he was still alive.

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