Trying to Please Some of You, Some of the Time

I love comments from my readers -- I really wish you would all leave more. And if you join this site (go down a bit, check right hand side of the page to do this), I will even email you my free ebook, which is about 35 pages of original stories from this site.

But some comments I can do without, and this post is about one that falls into that category. The comment, now deleted, written by someone who didn't like the person I had written about, and alleged that I had gotten my facts wrong. No, I am not giving details, but I would like to point out a few things that seem to be worth repeating. Although I have said this so many times, I am getting tired of it...

I am a professional journalist, who has worked as a reporter and an editor for a couple of decades, since graduating college.

I am not in the mafia nor do I hang out with anyone even remotely connected. I am not a "wannabe"'; a wannabe, to me, is a guy who pretends he is in the mafia but isn't, or someone who is somehow "connected" on some level. Associates bound for eventual membership could be deemed wannabes.

I am first and foremost a writer. I started this blog up because it was a place for me to write for me; to write stories that I want to write, not stories I have to write. Being a writer is not just a job; it is a calling, a devotion, a lifelong commitment, almost similar to joining the priesthood. Writers, real writers, can't stop writing. I am working on a novel as well, and I write another blog totally unrelated to the mafia.

So I formed Cosa Nostra News as a place where I could "publish" stories I am compelled to write, about a topic that has always interested me: the mafia. Or sometimes I find stories that I think will interest you, so I post part of the story, usually the first several paragraphs, and give you a direct link to the original article so you can read the rest. I usually add introductions and insert comments into these excerpts I run.

Most bloggers do this; I know of one who does nothing else. I would love to provide 100% exclusive content, but I work full time and get home late during the week. So I usually try to get something up here because I do have people who come to this site every day. I try to give them something new each time. Of course when there isn't something new, they can work their way backwards or type names or words into the search engine; there is more than a year's worth of material to work through, if they'd like.

So this comment... let me address his points, and if you, the writer of the comment, are reading, please understand I am not being hostile to you, I am just showing you where you made some wrong assumptions.

The mobster in the story is not a household name; there is no way of knowing if he is made or not. Jerry Capeci wrote about him and he happened to be on a reality TV show. Those were my sources for the story -- some info from Capeci, who apparently got it from 302s the Feds sent him, as well as an interview with the guy, and my observations from watching the show and my knowledge of the goings on in the Mafia.

He's a nobody who still owes everyone money,he is a jerk off.I know him for years and FYI he had a white lexus not a benz.
How could I possibly know that? However, I do know on the show that I watched, which I still have (it's recorded) he is driving a black Benz.

I cant believe this site writes this without fact checking because most of your info is wrong... I just want people to know the truth,I could tell you everything but he's barely worth the little I wrote already.I'm done here.

Again, how am I supposed to do that -- check your facts, which aren't even in my story? Should I have cruised his town looking for him before I wrote the story? And you left your comment anonymously -- why don't you email me the story of what "really" happened? It's not exactly like I wrote a glowing piece about the guy -- far from it. So you know him and some of the people involved -- how am I supposed to know that. The only way I would is if you had contacted me after you read the story, then told me on or off the record who you are, and what you know.




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