West Coast 'Mobster Madness'

"Tony the Ant" Spilotro
From Sfgate.com:

With a roster of names like Jimmy the Weasel, Tony the Ant, and Flipper Milano, you might think of characters from a kids cartoon. Well, fuhgeddaboudit. They're all West Coast mobsters. And, while cement shoes and "made men" are typically associated with New Jersey, New York and Chicago, plenty of Cosa Nostra action went down in the West. Here are five hideouts where you can get a piece of the "family" business.

1. The Mob Museum, Las Vegas

Located in the former federal courthouse where mobsters such as Tony Spilotro and Lefty Rosenthal were prosecuted, this museum tells the story of organized crime and the authorities who tried to shut it down. Listen to wire-taps of mobsters, join a police lineup and wince at graphic photos of mob hits. 300 Stewart Ave., (702) 229-2734, www.themobmuseum.org.

2. Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Hollywood

When Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel was suspected of skimming money from the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas, his East Coast pals gave him the Moe Green Special - death by bullet in the eye - at his girlfriend's Beverly Hills home. Come pay your respects at the tomb where Bugsy is taking a permanent "dirt nap"; the inscription reads "In loving memory from the family." 6000 Santa Monica Blvd., (323) 469-1181,www.hollywoodforever.com.

3. Capo's, Las Vegas

Knock on the door; a peephole pops open, and a heavy Italian accent asks if "You gotta reservashun?" With blood-red booths, chandeliers dripping crystals, and live Sinatra music daily, this "luxury mafia-chic" restaurant is the perfect spot for a couple of goodfellas and their molls to grab a bite. 5675 W. Sahara Ave., (702) 364-2276, www.caposrestaurant.com.

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  1. Any NY mob spots you'd suggest?

  2. Anony, March18 -- check out http://www.nydailynews.com/news/mob-manhattan-sites-famous-mobster-hangouts-article-1.197187


    I'd check any bookstore in Penn Station, up on the Amtrack level. Ask the sour looking guy behind the counter. Or check out Amazon or google NYC Mafia tours, etc., which is how I found the above...

    Let me know if you try anything and what you think!

    1. Great links - are there any current spots where one could get some action - little italy perhaps.

  3. You'd need a time machine, in my opinion!


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