Who's the Luchese Boss? Still Vic Amuso

GangLandNews reported that Vittorio "Vic" Amuso, whose reign atop one of New York's Five Crime Families was one of the Mafia's bloodiest and most violent, did not lose his crown in 1992, as originally reported.

He's been boss all along, even following his 1992 trial and conviction. (Amuso was called the "Deadly Don" by Assistant United States Attorney Charles Rose. Amuso faced 54 counts related to loan-sharking, extortion, racketeering and narcotics dealing -- plus nine murders.)

Vic Amuso remains official boss.

Age 79, he's serving life in prison at Cumberland FCI.

Amuso initially ran the Luchese crime family with (and was somewhat overshadowed by) former underboss Anthony (Gaspipe) Casso, who is serving life in prison following a failed bid to flip.

Both Amuso and Gaspipe fled when the indictment first came down. Casso was on the lam for two more years after Amuso was nabbed. The Luchese boss deemed Casso responsible for his arrest -- and had banished Casso from the crime family.

And he's still got the power today, Gangland News reported, noting: while "the feds can take a gangland chief out of circulation, they can't take his Mafia crown away from him."

This is despite news reports to the contrary, including Gangland News's own. "Amuso's reign has been continuous since he took over in 1986 after his predecessor, Antonio (Tony Ducks) Corallo, was convicted in the historic Commission case, sentenced to 100 years, and ceded his lofty post to Amuso."

Gangland had reported back in February, 2012 that longtime acting boss Steven (Stevie Wonder) Crea, 66, had been elevated to the top slot.

"Rumors of Little Vic's alleged demise as Luchese boss were greatly exaggerated."

Matthew Madonna, 78, who reportedly is Stevie Wonder's right-hand-man, had served as Amuso's "street boss."

FBI surveillance photo of Amuso, left, Casso.

Capeci noted that one of his sources had said "that when Amuso's wife Barbara died two years ago, it was "standing room only" at the one-day wake at the James Romanelli-Stephen Funeral Home on Rockaway Boulevard in Ozone Park on March 2, 2012. Mrs. Amuso, 69, was laid to rest the following day at St. Charles Cemetery in Farmingdale."

Barbara Amuso, who supported of her husband at trial, died on February 29, 2012 — "six days after Gang Land's faux pas that her husband had stepped down."

"Amuso sent out word that he wanted everyone to show up, and the place was packed," said LEO#2. "The Lucheses showed up en masse," added LEO#3, who noted that a "sprinkling" of Gambinos from the Howard Beach, Queens area, where both Gotti and Amuso lived, also paid their respects.


  1. This is what you call, a smart organization! You let the guy doing life keep the title as boss, nobody on the street can now get hit with the major time that comes with that title. Very smart!

  2. You would be surprised what you can get in or out from a federal prison....

  3. This article benefits Crea more then anyone. He has been the top Lucchese mobster for quite a few years. Whether you call him the official boss or the acting boss he is the #1 Lucchese not doing a life term.

  4. Genovese family has been doing this forever.

  5. Ed is that Know or Now ? LOL

  6. The one good thing I do know is technology.....The Feds would have a hard time getting any information from my computer not only do I use Tor I have a virtual computer inside of my computer..So I have two different IP addresses and with Tor I am always Bouncing ...Plus I use 3 different flash drives for storing....as far as the Feds are concerned I am just a Mafia Groupie..Which Loves reading the Cosa Nostra News for all my Important updates...

  7. I know of several Luchese made guys who are never in the paper and not even on the LE chart of the Luchese's so you don't really know who's calling the shots which is smart

  8. I love this website, it's great being able to keep up with everything on a daily basis. Keep up the great work ed!

  9. Probably those Albanian's spot or greek they use those soccer signs

  10. Frosinone is an Italian name and there is an Italia sticker on the door so slim chance it's Albanian or Greek.

  11. There is a caffe or was (I have not been on the block for at least ten years now) in Brooklyn called Caffe Messina, after the Sicilian town. It was completely Albanian. There is a caffe on Avenue S between W. 7th and W. 6th Streets called West Side Caffe with the Italian flag included in its sign. It is completely Albanian. Now, these caffes may be owned by a made man who is Italian and wants Albanians on call. They do have joint ventures. If the Albanians had showed up in the 1970's they would have been wiped out quick. Notice their slow rise after the commission trial and Gotti and the Chin went down. If they tried their antics while Gotti was in full force, they would have all been made to know who they really are. They are too impulsive and wreckless with a chip on their shoulder with too much to prove. I lived in and managed a building full of Albanians. As much as they think and wannabe Italian, they are NOT Italian. Their pizza tastes disgusting. They can chest pump and chant Rudaj all they want, but they probably have gotten as far as they're gonna get. One characteristic of the true Mafioso that we don't hear or see too much about in these movies is PATIENCE. Being impulsive and wreckless can be very detrimental to the all mighty dollar.

  12. He will be in prison till he rots in hell as will Gaspipe too !

  13. How difficult is it to use Tor? I heard you just download it...

  14. A lot of news reports are based on speculation. It just depends on who is doing the speculating.

  15. Also don't forget that "terrorism" is the focus....

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  18. Some dipshit using the name Saul-something was leaving jerkoff comments, including here, which I found highly offensive to Italians. He's a coward, won't mention that he's affiliated with a certain bulletin board. I apologize if anyone saw his comment....

  19. Anthony Elmont may know about that club -- it is in Elmont... I didn't note that in the story, but he may know specifics (or not -- just a potential scenario)....


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