At Galati Trial for Attempted Hit, Judge Decrees: No Mafia

Galati's daughter, who is testifying
against him at trial.
As in the aborted trial of Anthony Nicodemo, organized crime will not play a role in this trial (which may be why Galati outsourced the job in the first place, to distance the Philadelphia crime family ... or he didn't have enough juice?) An alleged mob associate went on trial in Camden federal court earlier this week on charges that he tried to have his daughter’s boyfriend murdered in Atlantic City.

Ronald Galati Sr., 63, faces four counts, including murder for hire and conspiracy to commit murder for hire in the Nov. 30, shooting in Atlantic City.

He allegedly agreed to pay Ronald Walker and Alvin Matthews $20,000 each to carry out the killing.

Co-defendant Jerome Johnson is also on trial, facing the same charges as Galati. He is additionally charged with transporting a firearm for use during the commission of a felony, transferring a firearm for use in a violent crime and possession of a firearm by a previously convicted person.

The victim — identified only as Victim 1 in court papers — was shot three times in the abdomen, but survived. The Associated Press has identified him as Andrew Tuono.

Galati is an alleged associate of convicted mobster Joseph “Skinny Joey” Merlino. But, the judge previously ruled that there can be no mention of the defendant’s links to organized crime.

Walker, 48, of Philadelphia, and Matthews, 46, of Brookhaven, Pa., previously pleaded guilty to conspiracy and weapons charges. Walker was the shooter, according to the charges.


  1. Question is will the jury believe the word of three black drug dealers with felony rap sheets rumor has it after the shooting the daughter left the boyfriend to fend for himself philly

  2. So true old school if u get a chance u and Ed go to big trial. Net look up Galati story under Anastesia read comments. Philly

  3. old school u and Ed get chance read comments at Big trial .net u think these folks arent haters

  4. His own daughter is testifying against him?

  5. yes this is true nobody knows what she is gonna say though

  6. Especially with names like Walker and Matthews.


  7. Been sick! Gotta lot of catching up to do.....

  8. Take care of your self first a lot of stuff going around since weather got cooler.

  9. Thanks, bro! Y'all should take heed! Be safe...

  10. Ok now I'm hearing Ronny may be taking the fall for his daughter (what man wouldn't?) and that she's the one did the "outsourcing."

  11. Ed i think she might have been trying to kill her boyfriend she had the kid with not sure though that was metioned by anonymous on other sight talk about a tangled web.philly

  12. I dont think that girl in the picture looks that hot anymore i looked up pics of tiffany galati
    her body and face have taken a real beaten with drugs age and body tatoos she must have put the old man over the top dating these losers he would have been better off putting the bullet in her head from what im gathering. Dads and there daughters this guy must feel like TG Graziano i would imagine.


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