Fox Asks Franzese: You Weren't a Rat?

Fox News talking head Diane
Falzone, who appeared in the
magazine Maxim.
This Fox News Video sort of asks Michael Franzese the main question regarding the former Colombo capo who quit the mob and continues living openly. 

If he didn't rat anyone out, how did he get out of the mob alive?

They kind of skipped the natural first question though, just to pin down the answer: Did he rat anyone out? There are conflicting stories out there that we wanted to give Michael the opportunity to answer here on this blog.

The Fox Video blurb is titled: Ex-Mafia boss: Hoffa not in Meadowlands, body won't be found.

Fox isn't the sharing type so you will have to click the link to watch the video, under which is noted: "Former mobster Michael Franzese is subject of new film 'God the Father'."

We were hoping to ask Michael about all this mob stuff, but he hasn't really followed up with us.

As per the Fox video, Michael said he had been asked, presumably by David Chase, to be a consultant for the hit HBO show The Sopranos, at the start of the show's run, which he promptly turned down not realizing the sizable opportunity he'd rejected.

To be honest, I'd rather be interviewed by Maxim-hottie/Fox talking head Diane Falzone than by me.

But this is sort of the interview that we were supposed to do with him, only the questions would've been a tad harder...I already emailed Michael all the questions from you guys...