"There Were Bullets Flying," the Woman Testified...

Galati's auto body shop.
Big Trial | Philadelphia Trial Blog reports that closing arguments are scheduled for today in the murder-for-hire trial of South Philadelphia auto body shop owner Ron Galati.

Galati is charged with hiring hitmen to kill Tiffany's boyfriend Andrew Tuono back in November.  The 64-year-old Galati faces 30 years in prison if convicted. Galati, often described as a mob wannabe, has two other cases pending in Common Pleas Court in Philadelphia; he's been held without bail since his arrest late last Christmas.

As previously reported last week regarding Tiffany's testimony:

...Her testimony, which included her eyewitness account of the shooting, covered a dysfunctional family dynamic that stretched back several years and that Tiffany Galati said shattered her relationship with her father, her mother Vicky and brother Ron Jr. 

The shooting of Tuono, she said, was a violent and extreme extension of her father's overly protective and authoritarian approach to parenting. Her father always came between her and whomever she was dating, she explained. He wanted her to break up with Tuono with whom she had begun living. When she refused to end the relationship, she implied, her father decided to end it for her.

"There were bullets flying," she said of the night when she and Tuono were confronted by two gunmen allegedly sent by her father. "I had never been shot at before." 
Dressed in black slacks and a long gray sweater over a black shirt, her dark hair parted in the middle and flowing over both shoulders, Tiffany Galati appeared both angry and determined as she testified for the government. 
That Tiffany Galati believed her father had orchestrated the attempt -- Tuono survived -- was clear from her direct testimony and from several asides she voluntarily offered in response to questions from both Assistant U.S. Attorney Jason Richardson, the prosecutor in the case, and from defense attorney Anthony Voci Jr."


  1. She was gonna hire the black guy romes to off her sons father but didnt have the money romes was tuono supplier of drugs which wasnt mentioned during trial that picture u see of her she dont look like that today she lost custody of her child which isnt mentioned
    Some think she started sleeping with romes for party favors and payment to off sons father romes starting liking her some think hired walker and matthews himself to kill tuono. She did testify that she soliceted romes gor hire to hurt her sons father she.s a viper this one to much resaonable doubt not guolty on this one. Philly

  2. Not sure, I did look and all I could find was mention that they were deadlocked and the judge told them to keep trying, and in less than 60 minutes they were suddenly able to break the deadlock and reach verdict. What kind of hit men get arrested on the scene?????? Not professionals. Is " the wig" really his nickname?


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