Junior Pagan Slated for 2020 Prison Release

Pagan should be out of prison
in about six years
Brooklyn Federal Judge John Gleeson doled out to Hector "Junior" Pagan an 11-year prison term for a criminal career overflowing with drug dealing and the violence of armed robberies and kidnapping.

Pagan also was the shooter who killed Luchese associate James Donovan during a street heist for which two of Pagan's former cohorts have gone away for 36 years each, due in part to Pagan's own testimony.

According to Gangland News: "Sources say he didn't expect to be hit with a double-digit stretch behind bars because he had testified against his cohorts in the Donovan slaying and had worn a wire against top Bonanno family mobsters."

Donovan's family made the same presentation for the judge that they did last month at the sentencing of Richard Riccardi and Luigi Grasso.

Who would marry a guy like
Gleeson imposed sentence after listening to an emotional plea for a life sentence from Donovan's daughter Janine.

Gleeson told her: "What you said would rip anyone's heart out, any judge's heart out. If my daughter was — God forbid — ever in your position, I would want her to say the same thing."

The judge explained  "[the] need to reward cooperation," adding that "I want you to understand the way the system works."

When Gleeson pronounced sentence, Janine Donovan curtly departed the courtroom.

Pagan has been behind bars since November 2011; if all goes well for him (and why shouldn't it? He deserves it, after all) he should be released in 2020.

"We can only hope," said Gleeson, that by time Pagan is released, "we have prepared him for re-entry into society to mitigate the risk" that Pagan will return to his life of crime.


  1. I hope he dies in there from some disease but thats the going rate for murder and cooperation may be next they can give that awfully looking man thing of a wife

  2. Since he became an informant will he serve his time at the witsec wings of a federal prison? If he is in general population, some guy will shank him to make a name for himself. Disgusted by the verdict btw.

  3. This guy is worse than a rat -- he committed the friggin crime and ratted out two other guys and the whole world knows this and he gets away with it!!! These mob cases are getting increasingly ridiculous. Lufthansa? That waste hauling case with the pedophile witness?? Santora selling Viagra? It's like they know the FBI doesn't give a shit about the mob so they're using the judiciary system to tie these guys up.

  4. If you're asking, yeah, he's going into special housing. He won't last in WitSec because the rules are too stringent. Good luck, Middle America! In six years someone out there is gonna have a new neighbor. My advice is buy a gun as is your legal right. Here in New York only the criminals are allowed to carry. That's bullshit.

  5. FACTS... 1) Junior will be in a Witsec Facility. 2) The Feds do not give Psych tests for guys like Junior. 3) What makes a cooperator like Junior extremely dangerous is the Government. WHY? Well because our wonderful Government allowed and accepted Junior to LIE even to the point of pinning the shooting on his codefendant... Now that is one dangerous piece of shit. 4) I was afforded the pleasure of meeting Junior while incarcerated and I can tell everyone this... Junior is a stone cold JUNKIE.... Just look at all the parities involved in the case, they were all drug addicts, one even OVERDOSED. 5) They did robberies not to better their lives or as they say in the streets COME UP... They robbed to support their drug habits.... THOSE ARE THE HARD FACT....

  6. Hi there Ed, Actually, it's not just the criminals that are allowed to carry. ANYBODY in NY can apply, not only for a gun permit but ALSO Conceal Carry. You just have to pass a NICS Background Check. The process is long and it's the issuing officer's discretion whether they grant the permit. Anyway, i serious doubt that guy will continue to live in NY.

  7. You about nailed it!! Increasingly I'm starting to see the criminal justice system as a business. It's an old story. The Mafia always gives the career-making headlines.... prosecutors become judges when they win those big RICO trials, they get promoted or they flip to the other side and make fortunes representing the same wiseguys. But the days of the big RICO trials are about done and I sometimes wonder if they're just trying to milk some of these cases. Trotting out the Lufthansa? I wonder if they would've bothered if Marty hadn't made Goodfellas! I still think the gangbangers with ink all over their faces (ie, Bobby Sasso) are the much greater threat and almost laugh seeing guys like Vinny Asaro dragged into a perp walk.


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