UK's Take on 'Mob Wives'

Here's an interview with Jenn Graziano about her show, from the U.K.'s Telegraph:

Her father is a New York mafia bigshot who is now serving time (like just about every other man she knows). So what does Jennifer Graziano do? She makes a reality television show about the wives and girlfriends left at home. Brave woman…

Forty years ago a New York mafia boss called Joe Colombo began attracting a lot of media attention.

He’d come up with the clever idea of spinning police interest in his affairs into an attack on the Italian-American community. He picketed FBI headquarters, gave speeches and appeared on television protesting against this terrible injustice.

But the bosses of the other mafia families were unhappy with his high profile and in June 1971 he was shot.

How times change.

I’ve come to Staten Island,a suburb of New York long popular with Italian Americans, to interview Jennifer Graziano. She is the daughter of a high-ranking mafioso – and the creator of a reality TV show, Mob Wives, starring her own friends and family.

The Mob Wives cast is made up of the partners and daughters (or both) of mafiosi. It offers an irresistible glimpse into a secret world...

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