Producer/Director Casillo Debuts Erotic Web Series

Domenic Casillo -- who has executive produced such shows as "Naked Stages" and "G String Divas" for HBO,  in addition to directing and producing Carmen Electra's "Naked Women's Wrestling League" PPV special and more than 125 Playboy films for Playboy TV through Nitro Productions -- has directed and produced "Zodiac Nights," an R-rated "lush but tasteful" erotic dramatic web series that highlights the sexual tendencies of each of the 12 signs of the Zodiac.

Also attached to this project is another familiar name to readers of this blog -- former mobster/published author Sonny Girard, who developed the scripts for the series.

"Zodiac Nights" is being launched through web-based funding platform Kickstarter and already has three backers; those interested have a chance to get in on the ground floor, as they say.

Kickstarter helps to fund "everything from films, games and music, to art, design and technology. Since [its] launch on April 28, 2009, over $350 million has been pledged by more than 2.5 million people funding more than 30,000 creative projects. [More Kickstarter stats here.]
 "Zodiac Nights"  is aimed at answering such questions as: What is the most delicious sex for the Taurus female in your life? Does that Libra girl you're after prefer top or bottom? What setting drives your Cancer wild?

Each vignette in "Zodiac Nights" explains what turns a particular sign on or off in bed, and what gets them there in the first place. These vignettes are bound together by a hostess, who appears between each dramatization to introduce the next segment as well as explain some of its astrological-based qualities, touching on favored colors, lucky numbers -- even which animals are ruled by each particular sign.

"The commercial appeal of astrology is enormous because of its universality," the producers say. "Everyone has a Birth Sign, and interest is widespread. Millions of people check their Horoscopes daily, in magazines and newspapers, by phone, and on the Internet. Interest in sex is equally universal, with even more of a personal draw. Zodiac Nights appeals to both those interests.

Also, they add that the episodes are designed to be shot quickly on a moderate budget in a digital format. "Locations, sets, music, color (art direction and lighting) and stylized editing take on an especially prominent role," they add.

The first installment -- now on Kickstarter for those interested in backing -- is "Zodiac Nights: Aquarius."

NOTE: A recent search on the Internet for the word "sex" turned up 434 million listings. For "astrology," it returned more than 95 million. It would seem there is a gigantic market waiting to gobble this series up, they note.