Gambinos, Hells Angels Indicted for Extortion

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Here's some free advice: if you need some quick cash, a loan from a Gambino crime family associate is one of the worst ways to go about getting it. And if being indebted to the mafia isn't enough to scare you off, this might: in at least two cases, a Gambino gangster has teamed up with a Hells Angels crony to get someone to pay up . And when Hells Angels and mobsters ask you to pay up, it's rarely a polite suggestion -- in this case it involved brass-knuckles, a gun, and a baseball bat.

Three men -- each with ties to violent gangs, including the Hells Angels and the Gambino crime family -- have been indicted on extortion charges for allegedly threatening a Queens man on multiple occasions after he didn't pay back a $50,000 loan to the gangsters' satisfaction.

According to court documents obtained by the Voice, James Ferrara, a Gambino associate, Daniel Hanley, a member of the Westies street gang, and Peter Kanakis, a member of the Demon Knights -- a sub-chapter of the Hells Angels -- have been hit with an eight-count indictment charging them with multiple counts of extortion.

In August, 2011, the victim was on his way to work when he received a call from a co-worker at his business alerting him that a man with brass-knuckles was at his store and was looking for him. Rather than face the man -- and the brass-knuckles -- the victim drove past the store, where he saw the man with the knuckles standing out front.

Shortly after, the victim noticed a black truck following him.

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  1. A word of advice to guys who want to be mobsters but need to recruit muscle from street gangs: you will soon become their victims.


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