Montreal Mob War Reaching Into the US?

Vito Rizzuto, right, seems to be tying up some lose ends.

First, consider the mysterious death of a man in Florida who is believed to have been part of a small group of Montreal Mafiosi -- all of whom were "cursed," it would seem -- that early last year tried to negotiate who would fill a leadership void  caused by the murders of high-level mobsters related to Vito Rizzuto, who was still finishing his sentence in a U.S. prison.

Then just this weekend, there occurred the slaying of a low-level associate who once kidnapped a soldier in Rizzuto's family.

In October, Domenico Arcuri Sr., a man with past ties to the Rizzuto organization, died in an accident on a construction site in south Florida, about which the medical examiner noted “the context is worrisome,” the reported.

Arcuri apparently had been part of a small group that in early 2011 tried to generate a consensus over who would run Montreal.

"Being part of that group appears to have been a disastrous choice," the newspaper noted. Other members were: Sal Montagna (dead), Joseph Di Maulo (dead), and Di Maulo's brother-in-law Raynald Desjardins, who survived a mob hit but is in prison for the murder of Montagna.

The fifth man is alleged to have been Antonio (Tony Suzuki) Pietrantonio, 49, who was shot, on Dec. 13, 2011, outside a restaurant on Jarry St. E [in Canada]. He was in critical condition but survived.

As for Arcuri's death: a report obtained by The Gazette revealed that the 79-year-old was on a work site with one of his sons on Oct. 8 when the roof of the building they were working on collapsed.

“By report, the decedent was under a roof when the roof collapsed. Although the context of the death is worrisome, the manner of death, at this time, is best classified as accident. Should any probative information pertaining to this case become available, such information may be used to amend this report at that time,” Rebecca MacDougall, Associate Medical Examiner for Broward County, wrote in the report."

"The medical examiner’s report describes how Arcuri Sr. suffered injuries to his head, neck and torso as a result of the collapse and was treated for cardiac arrest before he died. The report does not specify which of Arcuri’s sons was with him when the roof collapsed."

Arcuri’s sons, Domenico Jr. and Antonino, have owned construction companies in Montreal for years, and a construction firm based in south Florida is registered with the state under their names.

In mid-August, three Montreal-based Arcuri companies were victims of arson. In September, the headquarters of Ital Gelati, an Italian ice cream company on Creusot St. owned by Domenico, was set on fire.

Domenico Arcuri Sr. took over the ice cream company after the 1978 murder of mob boss Paolo Violi, who owned it previously. Back then, Arcuri Sr. was considered to have had ties to the Rizzutos, but he also is believed to have tried to make peace between Rizzuto and Violi. "Violi’s murder has long been considered the key to ushering the Rizzuto organization in as leaders of the Mafia in this city," the Gazette reported.

In another report in the "The 47-year-old man gunned down in front of his house in Montreal North early Saturday morning had a lengthy criminal record and was implicated in the 2008 kidnapping of a soldier in the Rizzuto Mafia clan....

"Mohamed Awada faced multiple charges over the last two decades including drug offences, weapons and assault. He was sentenced to nine years in prison on drug charges in 1995. In June of 2008, he was one of 11 individuals charged in the kidnapping of Nino de Bartolomeis, a low-level member of the Rizzuto clan known to have links to Francesco Arcardi, who served as interim head of the clan around 2005."


  1. The mob is alive and well in Canada --(where I reside) thanks for all o the up to date info. I check back here regularly to get the dirt as oppose to local papers.

  2. of course its alive and well.....i hope vito gets everyone who killed his firstborn son and father....if i was him no one is better come to vito before he comes to you...........good luck

  3. I think mr rizzuto is playing a very dangerous but clever game and his organization seems to off regrouped and are stronger then most think


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