Rizzuto Ready for Battle, with $100,000 Armored Car, 'Well Guarded' Residence

With a fresh mob hit raising law enforcement's collective eyebrows in Montreal, and probably the U.S., it is apparent that Vito Rizzuto is preparing for battle.

Vito Rizzuto
Vito Rizzuto in the good ol' days. 

An armoured vehicle costing more than $100,000 and a "well-guarded downtown apartment" are among his recent acquisitions since returning home to Montreal, where just this week a well-connected, powerful Mafioso who may or may not have been in Rizzuto's camp was shot to death, according to the report.

Rizzuto has been away, having served eight years in a U.S. prison on charges related to a triple-murder in 1981. While a guest of the U.S. government, Rizzuto's father, Nick Rizzuto Sr., and son Nick Jr. were murdered; his brother-in-law was kidnapped two years ago and is presumed dead. In addition, also killed were several other of his associates.

Rizzuto, having lost his father and his son, is not currently in a frame of mind to do much talking, I have heard. In fact, his main agenda is revenge, not reaching any sort of consensus for control of the Montreal mob.

For Rizzuto, this is definitely personal.

"Police investigation expert Richard Dupuis told QMI Agency that the news of the bullet-proof car and the home in the city’s core should be understood in three important ways," the article notes.

“First, (Rizzuto) knows his life is in danger and he wants to protect himself,” Dupuis said. “Secondly, he wants to stay in Montreal. And thirdly, is he not an easy prey.”

Even before the death this week of Joseph De Maulo, there had already been some violence in Canada -- several Montreal businesses were firebombed in more than one attack.

"Mafia experts have also told QMI Agency that the next few days will likely be critical with regards to any possible changes to the power scheme of organized crime in the city."

We put together a hit list of sorts from website Grind365:
Nicolo Rizzuto 

Recent Mafia-related assassinations believed related to the Montreal Mafia:

August 2009: Convicted drug trafficker Federico del Peschio, 59, a former cellmate and friend of the now-deceased godfather, Nicolo Rizzuto, Sr., is shot to death outside his north-end Montreal restaurant.

December 2009: Nicolo Rizzuto Jr., 42, son of Vito Rizzuto and grandson of the don, his namesake, is shot to death out front of a west-end construction business.

May 2010: Rizzuto consigliere Paolo Renda, 70, is grabbed from his car in Montreal and hasn’t been heard from since.

June 2010: Rizzuto second-in-command Agostino Cuntrera, 66, and bodyguard Liborio Sciascia, 40, are shot to death in front of Cuntrera’s east-end Montreal restaurant supply business.

September 2010: Rizzuto associate Ennio Bruni is gunned down while leaving a cafe in suburban Laval.

November 2010: Nicolo “Nick” Rizzuto Sr., 86 is assassinated by a sniper in his north-end home as he cooked dinner near his wife and daughter.

November 2011: Salvatore “Sal the Ironworker” Montagna, 40, thought to be the don-in-waiting, is shot and killed northeast of Montreal.

March 2012: Rizzuto associate Giuseppe “Closure” Colapelle, 38, is murdered in his car outside a known Mafia hangout in Montreal’s north end.


  1. Interesting info. In Toronto the Toronto Sun isn't nearly as reputable/reliable as other papers. It's more of a trashy read

    1. Interesting -- good to know; I am not familiar with Canadian newspapers -- thank you...Ed

    2. The info comes from Dupius - a law enforcement official -- I think on that basis in this case the info is solid... what you think? Thanx!


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