Victoria Gotti Takes Surreal Potshots at 'Mob Wives'

Interesting clip we came across on YouTube -- it's from March, so it is not new -- in which Victoria Gotti, author, former reality TV star/Celebrity Apprentice contestant and last but not least, daughter of deceased mob boss John Gotti, tells Rosie O'Donnell why she doesn't watch "Mob Wives," including why she believes no real mob wife would ever put herself on television.

Isn't that kind of like what she herself exactly did, back when she and her family had their 15 minutes of fame in the form of “Growing Up Gotti,” which ran on A&E from 2004 to 2005? I will always remember it as the show that had to employ subtitles so viewers could understand what the Gotti boys were saying. At least "Mob Wives" does not require captions!

She also takes a dig at the "Wives" for letting people see where they live; there again -- didn't she do exactly the same thing? She was facing foreclosure on that Long Island mansion after failing to pay her mortgage for two years, last I read, so maybe that's why she felt it was okay to inject this jab.
Interestingly, there were reports around that time that a new reality series about the Gottis was in play -- so she probably viewed MW as the competition; this also makes her comments seem even more inexplicable -- decrying people for doing what she was in the process of doing again -- and after the first Gotti show was partly canceled due to "the bad media she received from her breast cancer claim... Her publicist, Matt Rich, also quit as a result of the incident," reports Wikipedia.

The reported back in February that "a reality series focused on the three grandchildren of John Gotti is being developed by Fiore Films and Ted Field, producers of the upcoming... Gotti feature film starring Al Pacino and John Travolta."

Yes, I also wrote about it.

The project would feature John, Carmine and Frank Agnello, who were all on "Growing Up Gotti."

"The boys have that special something that appeals to a very wide audience," Fiore Films CEO Marc Fiore said. It certainly isn't their articulateness. 

"We will be working with them to create a series that brings out each of their unique personalities as well as give an insider's look into the lives of the latest generation of Gottis."

Don't know what happened to it; it'll probably be released when Junior's biopic about his father is released in movie theaters...

Speaking of which, this is the latest on that film's status, as per Showbiz411: "Exclusive: it’s not over til the fat lady sings. And that’s the story “Gotti,” to be directed by Barry Levinson, with John Travolta and Al Pacino starring, and James Toback having re-penned the screenplay. Readers of this column know that “Gotti” has collapsed a couple of times...

"But I am told that producer Ted Field– a real producer with a proven track record– may at last have the money to make “Gotti.” And his Radar Pictures is looking for a Winter 2013 start date. Fiore will not be part of the project, although there’s no doubt his name will linger on prints and DVDs as “producer” for all eternity. I actually met the person who could be the financier, a name fairly unknown in these parts, but with enough of a background perhaps to make this all happen."

Read the story of why the movie fell apart here.


  1. Try moving from Long Island to Nashville, TN at age 48. Speak with the locals here. You will need more than an interpreter, y'all. No idea how Mr. Hill or any of the other WPP guys handle life in Nebraska. Or maybe Tennessee is the epicenter for marble mouth diction? Suthin' hobsptaliuaty!

  2. Anonymous, true, you may have something there... I kinda found it comical, though; I actually needed the captions to understand them, and I am a lifelong New Yorker... but maybe I am wrong about that. Readers - was I being inconsiderate when I poked fun at the Gotti show for running captions?

  3. Oh puh-lease, she had her "mob spotlight" when her show came out and she sounds bitter and jealous. Her show was really no different than MW. She had no problems with coming into her home and showcasing it for the world to see.


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