Confidante: Marilyn Monroe Spent Her Last Day With Mobster Giancana

Marilyn Monroe, RIP

Did Marilyn Monroe take a mystery trip aboard Frank Sinatra's private jet the very weekend she died -- in the company of mobster Sam Giancana? That is the gist of an article on written by Chris Epting, who has authored a book about Monroe.

That's one theory based on recently disclosed tape recordings featuring a close confidante of Monroe's, who was also one of the most famous hair stylists in history.

His name was George Masters and his nephew had audiocassette recordings of phone conversations with his famous uncle shortly before his death in 1998.  "I haven't listened to the tapes since they were recorded so I don't remember exactly what's on them, but I thought you might be interested in checking them out," he wrote in a note to Epting, to whom he gave the tapes.

In one of the stories, the nephew told  Eptingin the note, George picked Marilyn up at her house and they flew together on Frank Sinatra's private plane to Lake Tahoe. Marilyn spent the evening in the casino with Sam Giancana, the gangster. Early the next morning they flew back to LAX and George drove her home, dropping her off about 9 a.m. It was that night that Marilyn died.

The legendary screen star's passing on Aug. 5, 1962, remains, arguably, the most mysterious and controversial death in Hollywood history.

Read the rest: Bombshell Tapes Reveal New Marilyn Monroe Mystery.


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