How Vinny Still Looks Gorgeous

Vinny Basciano will spend the rest of his life behind bars no matter what the outcome of his current trial. What a conviction could mean is that his time in prison could be cut short by lethal injection, which is on the table if he is found guilty.

Stories about the trial, starring the testimony of Joe Massino, former Bonanno boss, have been filling enough newspapers to sink a cruise liner, indicating that interest in the mob remains at an all-time high even though David Chase screwed all the fans of his Sopranos with that cheap-shot ending he used to terminate the popular HBO series.

One reporter has queried about how Vinny has managed to retain his sharp appearance even after spending years behind bars. He mentions his neatly gelled hair for one thing, noting that, since hair gel is not allowed in prison, how does Vinny do it?

Well, it is quite easy, as anyone who watches such reality prison shows as Lockup or Lockdown. I remembered one woman demonstrating how she made her own hair gel on one such show, and I found the recipe on the web, on the site Addicted to All Things Pretty.

Here, it is folks, how to make hair gel in prison:

Strawberry jelly and cocoa butter lotion makes once hell of a hair gel – You heard it right. The female inmate would mix a packet of strawberry jelly (yes like the type at fast food joints) with cocoa butter body lotion and run it through her hair while it was still wet, then use towel to remove the excess moisture. She even said that she may keep up with it once she’s released because it worked so well and her hair smelled great. The producers even said her hair smelled delicious.