The FBI on Global Organized Crime

Whether you refer to them as organized crime families, the Mob, the Mafia, or Cartels, they are responsible for nearly a trillion dollars worth of criminal activity each year, according to an article on U.S. College Search advocating obtaining a criminal justice degree.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has distinguished 3 main crime syndicates in the world: the Italian Mafia, the Russian Mob and the Mexican Cartel.

The Italian Mafia has five distinct branches:
• Sicilian Branch which mainly deals with arms trading and heroin smuggling
• Camorra Branch, the largest group, that specializes in blackmail and money laundering
• Calabrian Branch, known for bombings and kidnappings
• Saca Coronoa Unita which deals in human trafficking and extortion
La Cosa Nostra, or the American Mafia, is the smallest group of the Italian Mafia. 80% of American Mafia members reside in New York City.

The Russian Mob is a very large organization and is involved in many different crime rings throughout the world.
• Responsible for providing submarines to South American drug dealers for smuggling purposes
• Laundering money for the Mexican Cartel
• Controlling 90% or more of the illegal gun and drug sales in Spain
• Works with Italian Mafia to control 100% of Italy’s agricultural industry
• Moves 80 tones a year of Heroin out of China
• Smuggles more than 100,000 people a year from China into America
• Is connected to nearly 30 million other organized crime members
• Is the leading backer of the Nigerian mob, which costs Americans over 2 billion a year in fraud scams
• Nigeria is responsible for 90% of the world’s heroin production

The Mexican Drug Cartel, while becoming more violent in nature recently, has generally kept their criminal activity to two main areas:
• Responsible for almost 100% of all cocaine that enters into the United States
• Over 25 billion dollars a year in money laundering.



  1. This is crazy! I cant believe the magnitude of some of these organizations and what awful things they are involved in. As awful as it is, it is always very interesting to read about. Being Italian myself makes it a little more scary...


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