Queens D.A. Busts Bonanno-Linked Gambling Ring

The District Attorney of Organized Crime & Rackets Bureau in Queens New York Richard A. Brown reported the busting of an alleged illegal gambling ring with links to the Bonanno crime family. (See -- they do more than just dabble in drugs.)*

The ring, run by four, had a website and an offshore bank account to process over $8 million in the two and a half years it has been running.

“It is alleged that this small operation was able to effectively compete for the illegal gambling dollars of bettors by availing themselves of modern technology. By utilizing an offshore-based gambling website that possessed automated bookkeeping software that acted as ‘bookkeeper’ and ‘clerk,’ the defendants allegedly were able to reap huge profits through their unlawful gambling operation,” Brown said.

D.A. Richard  A. Brown
“Illegal gambling is not a victimless crime. Those who participate in these criminal operations often use threats, intimidation and even physical force to collect debts and oftentimes charge usurious interest rates on outstanding debts. Today’s indictments will send a clear signal that when it comes to illegal gambling in Queens County, all bets are off.”

The District Attorney identified the defendants as Michael Palmaccio, 39, of 91st Street in Howard Beach, Queens (Federal law enforcement sources said Palmaccio is an associate of the Bonanno organized crime family, according to the New York Post -- in the official release from the D.A.'s office, there is no mention of a crime family); Gerry Gullotti, 45, of Woods Avenue in Oceanside, Long Island; Cono Natale, 46, of 69th Street in Maspeth, Queens; and Ronald Salerno, 33, of 85th Street in Howard Beach, Queens.
Palmaccio is charged with bookmaking; Salerno, collecting debts; Natale for “being a runner” for the operation; and Gullotti, for loansharking. The foursome were arraigned on Wednesday on 64 counts of promoting gambling and conspiracy.

The investigation into this sports betting ring began back in 2008 when investigators were tipped off about the illegal activity. Palmaccio of Howard Beach Long Island was released on $35,000 bail and has been associated with the Bonnano organized crime family. Also out on a $35,000 bond is Gullotti. The other two were held on $2,500 each. Palmaccio is allegedly the head of the illegal gambling ring and oversaw the loan sharking operations while hiring Gullotti to control the loans and offshore account for the website arrowaction.net (now offline). When loans were given out Gullotti would use threats of physical harm if clients did not pay back the loans on time. Natale, who is a restaurant owner in Williamsburg Brooklyn NY was allegedly the recruiter of bettors and would handle their account, while Salerno a Fedex worker was charged with collecting and distributing money from borrowers to bettors.

Both Palmaccio and Gullotti, if found guilty of their alleged crimes could face up to fifteen years in federal prison while Natale and Salerno could receive up to four years if found guilty of their crimes.

*An indictment is merely an accusation; defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty.


  1. gambleing wow big deal

  2. The PR department left out mention of the mafia family involved -- supposedly, the Bonannos, according to the Post. But the official release does not name a family. That has to be a slip -- it makes for better press if you name a family!


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