Bonanno, Genovese Families Still Stripping Inductees?

were stripped.

Friday, March 25, 2011:

Cosa Nostra News: Mafia Associates Strip During Induction Ceremony:

They prick your trigger finger. Make you cup your hands around a blood-smeared mass card with a picture of a saint on it, and set it afire. You take the burn like a man -- a made man -- slowly grinding your palms together, putting the flames out, the ashes blackening your singed skin. You speak the oath.

But hold it -- there was a new step added, according to new information...

Since then, at some point, probably before you are asked the obligatory question "Do you know why you are here?" (And God help you if you answer, "Yeah."), you are now required to strip down almost to your bare ass so the organization can make certain you are not wired for sound and/or video. ...

Yep, it would seem that both the Genovese and Bonanno families added this step to the induction process... The question is: They still doing it?


  1. Vinny Gorgeous made his 70 Year old captains strip when they had sit downs....

  2. reminds me of the sopranos when after chris was made they made him strip down for wire searches, paulie even made him take his boxers, and he says to him "you call that a dick?" hahaha

  3. Depends on who's conducting the ceremony. I don't think it became an official new policy by the Commission, though. Possibly encouraged.

  4. Just like many a middle manager doing the hiring these days,I guess quite a few "sponsors" must be pretty inept.What is the point of "making it official"----so to speak---for a guy who you are basically saying cannot be trusted right from the beginning ???


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