Italian Trade Group: The Mafia Is No Laughing Matter

First Italy's government calls the UK a haven for the mob; now an Italian trade group has a problem with Joe "Dogs" Iannuzzi's Mafia Cookbook ... gimme a break! I mean, are they kidding? They turned a blind eye to three separate Mafias for 150 years and now they criticize others.

What's that old expression? Clean up your own backyard before you criticize your neighbor for not taking care of his?... or something like that.

Someone should wake up and smell the espresso.

Italian Trade Group to World: The Mafia Is No Laughing Matter: Associations Now: "Though Italian organized crime is a gimmick commonly used to sell food around the world, an agricultural trade group in Italy says such representations trivialize a very real—and very dangerous—issue. Now the association wants the rest of the world to change its ways.

It may seem funny (or at least a fun cultural touchstone) to name an Italian-themed food business after the Mafia, but an Italian trade group says it’s anything but a joke.

Coldiretti, which represents agricultural producers in Italy, has launched a media campaign to let the public know that the Mafia remains a very real and very dangerous thing there. The trade group is asking foreign governments and the European Union to stop the “market of horrors” of cookbooks, restaurants, and types of pizza and pasta that reference Italy’s history with organized crime."


  1. i actually bought a copy of this book around 1995 and MYSELF cooked a few of the meals in this book.. A little rich for my taste (but then again what italian food isnt? Espescially when its being prepared for the mob lol) it was still very good though and i also REALLY enjoyed how he incorporated each meal in to a story! It was like reading a true crime mob story but whenever a dish was mentioned,it gave the reciepe.Awesome book....wish i still had it! #joedogsianuzzi(Author) #Tommyagro

    1. I have the book too and used it so much I memorized many of the recipes. Joe Dogs was hilarious. Agro was the perfect straight man. The two could've earned more doing a vaudeville. Agro probably one of the most unintentionally hilarious mobsters ever written about. Anyway, as for the delicious recipes -- these are real recipes (I don't like Henry Hill's cookbook, at all, Joe Dogs blows him away) as in, he may have written the book for a quick book, but he put his heart in it. My absolute favorite is his trick for veal Marsala. Listening? Add a drop of Grand Marnier, burn out all the alcohol. Set the sucker on fire and let it burn out. Don't dip the charred match tip in the sauce! You won't believe the taste.... I gotta have some now, I think!

    2. As for the typos: "doing a vaudeville act" and "written the book for a quick buck..."

      His books Joe Dogs is great too.....I'm gonna add it to my Amazon gadget, in fact....

  2. Thanks to this site I just bought this cookbook for my Kindle. Gonna try the first recipe tonight. Can't wait.


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