Graziano Sisters Discuss Season 5: Backstage Fighting, Jealousy, Fear

VH1’s Mob Wives' star Renee Graziano and her sister Jennifer Graziano (who is also the series creator and showrunner), visited Maria Menounos’ online media network AfterBuzz TV to discuss jealousy among the cast, how “real” the reality show fights with new cast members, fear of her father and ex-husbands reactions to the show and an upcoming romantic comedy film project on AfterBuzz TV’s in-depth interview series “Spotlight On.”

The latest season of Mob Wives: New Blood featured a mix of old and new cast members, with the addition of two new wives and the loss of former series stars Karen Grazano, Carla Facciolo and Ramonoa Rizzo. Renee commented on the new editions, saying “there’s a lot of jealousy with those woman right now, I’m really ahead of the game. And here’s how I see it. If there was a 5 lane high way, we can all get to our destination as fast as we want if we only stay in our lane. But the second you try to swerve into somebody else’s lane, you cause traffic, you cause accidents. Stay in your own mother fucking lane and get there, like I am.”

With a season fueled with fights and gossip, Renee revealed her feelings about how “real” some of those “reality” scenes are, commenting that “this season I definitely feel there were people in production, new production, that have spoken to the girls, and tried to amp up the new girls a little bit more and that was unnecessary because I stay drama packed. You don’t have to create drama for me. Its gonna happen… New production, I felt, instigated a situation between Alicia and I…it was unfortunate because it didn’t have to happen.”

Renee’s sister Jennifer rebutted saying “I think every girl on the show has their own conspiracy theory about what’s going on behind closed doors and what’s going on with the other girls or producers. And I can say from a perspective of knowledge that doesn’t happen.” Jennifer does however acknowledge that some producers “guide” the talent saying, “you might want to show up to work looking a little better or you might wanna do your hair nicer you’re looking a little shitty, stuff like that. So will they kind of try to help them boost their personae? Ya 100 percent.”

The Graziano sisters aren’t reluctant to share their lives on national television, though Renee was fearful when the process began, hit by the gravity of airing her family’s dirty and often illegal laundry on the air.

“My father never wanted my secrets to ever be told. Cause secrets are secrets and never supposed to be told. But what my father didn’t realize was that those were the secrets that were killing me. So when I talk about domestic violence, when I talk about drug addiction, when I talk about sexual assault, when I talk about all of the things that I have endured over the last twenty some odd years, me keeping them quiet is what made me sicker.”

Renee’s relationship with ex husband “Junior” plays a central role in the series. With a history of domestic violence and an end-date to his prison sentence approaching, Renee broke down in tears confiding that she feels safer and more protected with the cameras around, saying “I have feared for my life for many years… he’s not a nice person. Yes I do feel better.”

The sisters are currently preparing for Mob Wives spin off series and even teased upcoming scripted projects for the two. Jennifer said they are currently "commissioning a writer" and working on a movie that will be "something that is very close to home to her (Renee)… she took this idea and spun it into a romantic comedy.”

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