Did The American Mafia Film JFK/Marilyn Monroe Sex Tryst?

Marilyn Monroe, icon of beauty...

An old-time Cosa Nostra boss, one of America's more elusive, came to mind when we heard the recent news about there being in private hands an alleged home movie of Marilyn Monroe banging John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert F. Kennedy.

We thought of this mob boss because he once expressed regret for not seizing a blackmail opportunity; namely he failed to film JFK getting down and dirty with a bunch of hookers.

The news revealing the existence of the footage came to light when the Tulare County Sheriff's Department (in California) reported that it had seized the alleged MM/JFK/RFK film from William Castleberry over an outstanding debt Castleberry owed the county. The Sheriff's Department was planning to auction off this film on March 4, to make its money back.

But then the debt was quickly repaid, and Castleberry's film was slated to be returned.

Castleberry's attorneys told TMZ "they have no idea who made the payment -- all they know is Casteleberry's (sic) stuff will be returned ... and the world will have to wait to see Marilyn's alleged threesome with the Kennedy bros."

The film, more than a half-century old, landed in Castleberry’s hands during the 1980s, a friend of the collector said, adding that Castleberry, a collector of baseball memorabilia, will never make the footage public based on his respect for Yankees legend (and Monroe ex-husband) Joe DiMaggio.

Castleberry has watched the film to verify its contents, this friend noted.

No one else apparently has seen it. The Tulare County Sheriff said he'd heard rumors about the film and made sure it was among the property seized from Castleberry by his deputies

Does this all sound preposterous?

Well, recall that odd tidbit that mob boss Santo Trafficante Junior tossed out to lawyer Frank Ragano about filming JFK with a bunch of hookers and blackmailing him...

Santo Trafficante, Jr. (November 15, 1914 – March 17, 1987), one of the last of the old-time Mafia bosses in the United States, ruled organized crime operations in Florida that his father, Santo Trafficante Senior, had lorded over after consolidating (with deadly force) several rival gangs.

Trafficante outgrew is father's shadow (he's the one Sonny Black, Lefty and Donnie Brasco were meeting with in Joe Pistone's book) and was one of the most powerful bosses in America

As noted Trafficante also had some juice in Batista-era Cuba, where he had owned the Comodoro hotel and casino (along with several other properties), where, in 1957, as lawyer Frank Ragano relates in his book, Mob Lawyer, the bespectacled mobster and others had set up then Senator John F. Kennedy in a Havana hotel room with a group of prostitutes. Years later, Trafficante kicked himself for not having filmed the moment for bribery purposes.
Santo Trafficante Junior 

It's no secret that the mob bosses of that era hated the Kennedys and are believed to have been involved in one of the most infamous "hits" in history by no less than G. Robert Blakey, the man who drafted the RICO act, as well as the Witness Protection Program.

Blakey has said: "Jack Ruby all by himself is substantial enough reason to believe in the Mafia's involvement [in the assassination of JFK]... The Mafia profited by JFK's death. What's worse is they got away with it."

So if such a film does exist, the mob would certainly have had the motive and ability and should be counted among the suspects in terms of who made it.

Then the question arises, how come they never used it, as far as we know.....