Where Sacra Corona Unita Lives, Mafia Kills Another Child

Mobster on parole slain with girlfriend and her son.
In the "heel" of Italy's boot, hitmen shot and killed a mobster on parole for a double homicide he'd been convicted of in 1998.

Also killed were the mobster's girlfriend and her two-year-old son.

The shooters engaged Cosimo Orlando, 43, in a high speed chase before driving his car off the road. Travelling with Cosimo at the time were Carla Maria Fornari, 30 and her son Domenico.

"The trio were killed instantly after hitmen forced their car off the road and then opened fire with machine guns riddling it with bullets - amazingly two other children inside survived," according to UK's the Daily Mail.

"The hit happened at Palagiano, near Taranto, in the southern Italian region of Puglia - popular with British holidaymakers - and in the heartland of the local mafia known as the Sacra Corona Unita."

Sacra Corona Unita, (SCU) or United Sacred Crown, is a Mafia-type criminal organization based in Puglia, Southern Italy; it is especially active in the areas of Brindisi, Lecce and Taranto. It was founded in the late 1970s as the Nuova Grande Camorra Pugliese, having splintered off from the Camorra by Raffaele Cutolo, who wanted to expand his operations into Puglia.

Police said that the double murder in 1998 was linked to rivalry over lucrative drug rackets.


  1. As brutal as this looks, this is the real concept of mafia. You do whatever the boss, whatever the borgata requires from you. No matter what. The ´Life´ as you Americans call it, is not a democracy.


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