Mafia Don Exposes "Abysmal Failure" of Britain's Court

Domenico Rancadore
How a Mafia don exposed the abysmal failure of our courts | Mail Online: "We, In Britain, like to think of our legal system as majestic and dependable — exemplified by the Crown Court, with its royal coat of arms."

Domenico Rancadore headed a family involved in extortion, racketeering and drug trafficking, Italian police claim. The runaway Mafia don, who was found living in Uxbridge, fled in 1995 from Sicily, where he was the Cosa Nostra boss in the town of Trabia

"At the same time we might imagine Italian justice as chaotic and unreliable. Well, last week it was our own that performed like a clown and the Italian legal authorities who were left infuriated by the incompetence of their British counterparts.

"On Friday a Mafia boss on the run from justice, Domenico Rancadore, was told by the High Court that he was free to continue living in the UK because crown prosecutors had simply failed to lodge the required papers within the legal time limit. So the Italian courts, which had previously been rebuffed because an earlier British hearing had declared that their ‘overcrowded’ prison system was in breach of Rancadore’s ‘human rights’, face the prospect of never being able to arrange the extradition of the Cosa Nostra member.

"According to the Daily Mail, Rancadore’s unconditional release ‘came after chaotic scenes in which prosecutors failed to show for the hearing’. How farcical - and, I am afraid, how unsurprising. The Crown Prosecution Service has become characterised by incompetence, and on an epic scale. ..."



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