A Real Man Never Hits a Woman

We at Cosa Nostra News are amazed anyone would even debate who was at fault in this situation.

Our grandmother taught us: a real man never hits a woman, even if she calls him bad, awful names... even if she were to punch him in the face.

This bouncer should be ashamed of himself, as should any blog that hints something like Guercio is going to "call the Mafia in" -- to supposedly what? Beat the guy up? Kill him?

That's sheer nonsense...

Reality TV star Natalie Guercio was punched in the face by a bouncer at Delilah's Gentleman's Club last Thursday when she was judging the Entertainment of the Year event

Police arrived and took down a report; Natalie ended up in the emergency room sporting a battered face.

Natalie did not press charges.

"Natalie's mafia attitude got a bouncer SO angry that he punched her in the face," wrote Perez Hilton. "Apparently, bouncers don't like being called every swear word known to man! Who knew??!"

TMZ.com: ""Mob Wives" star Natalie Guercio just learned one of the major rules of a strip club ... never, EVER mess with the bouncers."

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry: Guercio’s team claims that she was not the one at fault, that the bouncer was the one who punched her first.

However, other sources claim that even if the bouncer landed the first blow, Guercio was heard calling the bouncer "every name in the book."... If the bouncer initiated the fight and punched her first, Guercio would have every right to press charges. In fact, she would be encouraged to press charges. But she didn't, which definitely leaves some food for thought. Of course the mob doesn't cry copper when they get into a fight – they settle things their own way..."

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  1. This is a bouncer at a strip club which would lead me to believe he has some size to him and would be use to handling men who may be intoxicated, aggressive, perhaps gropy. . .yet a girl weighing a buck o five soaking wet? e couldn't use his words?

  2. This bouncer is a punk and as much as I don't like Nat you never hit a woman, I just hope this creep gets what's coming to him

  3. I'd bet a million dollars she will think before opening her big mouth next time. I don't know the actual circumstances but she probably got what she deserved. A real man will hit anyone who disrespects. Man women or child everyone needs to learn their place and play the part if you step out of line shit like this happens.

    1. You're kidding, right. You don't like Natalie, do you. I mean, you don't honestly believe this... if you do, you're a bully--and a misogynist, at least.

    2. U sure u got the right story wasnt it Hector pagan who cracked his he/ she wife Renee G. Lol !!!!

    3. Too many women think they can do or say whatever they want to a man simply because they are a women. That's not reality. Chivalry is dead and women killed it.

    4. No - AnonApr3-6:19AM -- Hector fired a few rounds at his wife's boyfriend. Then he probably beat her.... but it was definitely after he shot her lover first.....just wanted to clear that up...

    5. Ur on the ball eddy boy ^^

  4. Doesn't mean sh@t...when you get out of line it doesn't matter who you are. On private property you have certain rules to abide by or else you're going to pay the consequences. It's like that for all people in all 50 U.S. states. Duh?


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