Ontario's Mysterious Luppino Family

Johnny "The Enforcer," head of Papalia family,
one of three key Mafia families that dominated
crime in Hamilton, Ontario.
Historically, three key Mafia groups emerged in Hamilton, though there were other families and organized crime rings in the tough steel town located on the border of Ontario's Great Lakes.

They were the Papalia family (initially an outpost of Stefano Magaddino's Buffalo, New York-based family), the Luppino family (of which more to come) and the smallest family of the three, the Musitano crime family, which is a faction of the Calabrian Ndrangheta that wanted to dominate the area.

The Musitano family was behind the 1997 hit on Johnny "The Enforcer" Papalia, boss of that family, as well as the killing of then-Papalia family underboss Carmen Barillaro two months later. They also considered taking out the boss of the Luppino family, presumably in a move to dominate Hamilton, a key city in the Ontario province in terms of historical organized crime.

The Musitanos also had been discussing an alliance with Vito Rizzuto back in the late 1990s, but two separate investigations by law enforcement officials, one in Canada (regarding Musitano involvement in the Papalia hits) and the other in the U.S. (involving Rizzuto's involvement in the early 1980s triple whacking of a faction of the troubled Bonanno family), ended talks, as far as is known, with no alliance emerging from the meeting.

The entity now controlling what had been the Vito Rizzuto Sicilian Cosa Nostra family is apparently engaged in hostility with Ontario-based Ndrangheta factions, as recently noted.


  1. Of course it is! Funzi, Quiet Don, il capo whatever you want to call me but I love Anonymous the most! Hahahahaa Looking forward to the upcoming story.

    btw i sent you an email recently.

  2. To add to my previous comment I hope your story has some info on where the sons of the Violi brothers murdered by the RIzzutos stand with the Luppinos. Because honestly the more I read about Canada, Ontario specifically the less I know.

    1. Am having Kindle problems holding me up but I do know Luppinos are Ndrangheta so I assume all the Ndrines in Canada ultimately stand together....I see us sipping brandy one day over weekly chess, Funz!!

  3. Paolo Violi's two sons, Giuseppe and Dominic, moved with their mother (who was the daughter of Giacomo Luppino) back to Hamilton following the murder of their father. It was said that in the late 90s they were already groomed by their uncles as future leaders of the family. As of today they probably are. Also, they were seen in Montreal's Little Italy in the week leading to Nick Rizzuto Sr.'s death.


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