That "Sick World He Was Once Part Of"

Frank Lino now calls the Mafia a sick world.
Funny how he didn't realize it until after he
was arrested for six mob hits.
Frank Lino is off the hook.

The former Bonanno capo, 76, was sentenced to time served for participating in six mob murders, along with racketeering crimes. He had already served eight years in prison after his 2003 arrest and was out on a million-dollar bail when he appeared today for sentencing.

"Looking tanned, and wearing black-framed eyeglasses and a double-breasted suit, Lino sheepishly raised his hand when Federal Judge Nicholas Garaufis glanced around the courtroom looking for him," The New York Daily News reported.

“Oh, in the business suit,” Garaufis observed.

Lino’s cooperation was described as being “extraordinary” in that he'd helped to bring down around two dozen Bonannos, including former family boss Joseph Massino who also has since joined Team America.

Lino also revealed the burial locations of three slain gangsters, as prosecutor Nicole Argentieri noted.
"Sonny Black" was not killed over Donnie
Brasco, Joe Massino claimed.

Lino was involved in the storied 1981 hit on Dominick "Sonny Black" Napolitano,  who was long believed killed due to his role in bringing an undercover agent into the family -- Donnie Brasco, otherwise known as agent Joe Pistone.

Massino, in court testimony, said Napolitano had been hit for making a power grab. Joe was boss; he ordered the killing and could ascribe whatever motive he wants. Chances are Sonny Black was slain for both Pistone and because Massino viewed him as a potential threat back in the waning days of the Philip "Rusty" Rastelli administration.

If he wasn't killed for Pistone, then why were Sonny Black's hands chopped off? Bosses take such symbolism seriously to carefully convey messages to certain people who may be alive if the body is ever found.

During Friday’s hearing, defense lawyer Barry Rhodes noted that Lino has “spurned that sick world he was once part of" and that he had “found God and with God’s good grace he’s where he should be, a grandfather of 15."

Lino apologized to families of the victims — none of whom were present — and shook the judge’s hand on the way out of the courtroom, the News reported.


  1. Everybody gets mad when guys flip if the writings on the wall its a no brainer who wants to do time for one of these guys who fuck up the boss even turned u dont have to be einstein to figure whats coming when the boss flips and i dont think Franks gonna lose sleep for what he done

    1. Joe didn't flip before Frank, though.

    2. I wasnt sure who turned first but im sure Frank had three choices but to put the pipe in his mouth or do the time or talk today most will talk no bodys gonna fo twenty no more and them days of others taking care of ur family are over except if ur wife is a looker then the boys will take care if knocking the bung out of her ass as u do time being a stand up guy. I know thats how it works in philly seen first hand im sure not much different NY either..

  2. I thought Lino flipped after Vitale. Once Vitale flipped, the rest of them made whatever deal they could. Don't know what I would do if I was in his shoes. Tough decision to make.

  3. So many grasses around what happened to the real people like lefty

    1. Lefty also worked with the goverment on the docks of ny something to do with the war his deal was he got deported if my history is correct myer also made his deals eith govermet people working both sides of the street thats how the early guys survived today u talk or go to jail unless u got the goods snd have over seas friends and these kids today are street corner tree house gangsters the just the way it is.

  4. ED Rumor has it the feds indicted
    Ronny the wig galati in the hiring for shooting his daughters boyfriend and have him in federal detetion center also PA grand jury looking at ins fraud
    in his autobody bussiness. Also daughter and boyfriend are believed to be in fed wittness protection.

  5. thanks - but that's an old story, from Christmas Day! I remember writing it....see:

    must be some kind of update; I'll look for it - thanks.....Ed

  6. Thats correct but he was being held in state prison uncle Joe and his wife olivia worked for Ronny the wig she was a secretary and he referred customers to American collisions so u got the shooting in So Jersey and the ins fraud case in PA. He might be talking know but not sure what he can offer other than the ins fraud. Ron was a real So philly handJob but close to skinny in the old days and Uncle Joe since he came out in the mid 90.s

  7. Check Tw DM from 4/26


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