Mob Plotted Adolf Hitler's Death: Lansky's Daughter

Lansky's daughter breaks silence - Sun Sentinel: "Growing up as the daughter of Jewish mob boss Meyer Lansky seemed to be glitz and glamour for Sandra Lansky. Sandra was a wild child of the late 50s and 60s who was raised with a privileged life in upper class Jewish splendor in New York City. She was silent on many of her father's secrets until now.

"Sandra, who resides in Plantation, has broken her 50-year-silence with a tell-all memoir, Daughter of the King: Growing Up in Gangland, where she recounts her life as a Mafia princess and of organized crime's purported influence at the highest reaches of government and world affairs. She co-wrote this book with author William Stadiem and they will both share its highlights on March 30 at 2 p.m. at the Jewish Museum of Florida-Florida International University, 301 Washington Ave. in Miami Beach, during a free event organized by FIU's Jewish Studies Initiatives.

"Through writing a book about herself, Sandra was able to also write about her father, whom she adores and misses. Book highlights include her drug addiction and its impact on her family, her troubled relationships with famous men, including Dean Martin who she dated at age 16, Meyer's role in creating Las Vegas as we know it today through his gambling empire, and his plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler. Meyer moved to Miami Beach in the late 1940's and died there in 1983. Stadiem said that Sandra wanted to share a very unique perspective."