"Rob the Mob" Film Has "Vinny Gorgeous" Character

Reviews are starting to pop up all over the Internet regarding "Rob the Mob," a film about the Uvas, a married couple who made the foolhardy, fatal decision to make quick cash by robbing Mafia social clubs in Little Italy, Queens and Brooklyn.

Their crime spree ran from the summer of 1992 to the day of Christmas Eve 1992, when the two were killed. Shot in the head, each, by the Mafia.

According to IMDB, there is a Vinny Gorgeous in the film. Could it be based on Vincent "Vinny Gorgeous" Basciano, the former Bonanno boss now serving life? Undoubtedly, which may mean the filmmakers "get it" -- which, in turn, may mean that those who know the true Uva story my catch certain things between the lines that typical moviegoers likely would miss. (Or we can hope...)

Vinny Gorgeous Basciano, during a bloody criminal life, did many things, including sending two of his men, armed with machine guns, to talk to the head of the Albanian mob (remember them?) about staying the hell away from a crew associated with the New York crime family.

Playing Vinny Gorgeous is Yul Vázquez, a Cuban American actor, perhaps best known for his role as "Bob" in several Seinfeld episodes. He also has a role in the Starz drama Magic City. Set in 1960s Miami, the show centers on the upscale Miramar Playa Hotel and is described as a political and organized crime drama of the period. Yul portrays Victor Lazaro, general manager of the Miramar Playa.

Yul plays "Vinny Gorgeous"
in the film.
Another plus, for this reporter, anyway, is that the actor has also played one of our all-time favorite shows, FX’s Louie; he also plays Christian on CBS’s The Good Wife and Det. Anthony Nikolich on the HBO television show Treme.

Judging by some of the headlines though, it is obvious that some reviewers, marketers and publicity folks related to "Rob the Mob" don't, uh, "get it."

First off, they didn't hire the right guy to play the "heavy." Andy Garcia? Tired old Andy Garcia?

Who is the right guy? THIS GUY!

And secondly, take this review as a case in point: ‘Rob the Mob’ – when the tables were turned on the Mafia | euronews, cinema: "Based on a true story, ‘Rob the Mob’ is a real life Bonnie and Clyde crime thriller about a young couple who take on New York’s mafia. Set in the 1990s, the movie stars Michael Pitt and Nina Arlanda and Andy Garcia plays the gangster film’s mob boss."

The couple didn't "take on" the mob, they robbed guys who were unarmed and who wouldn't go to the police -- because they prefer to handle such matters in their own way; case in point, the film's ending.

Vinny "Gorgeous" Basciano, former boss
of the Bonanno family now serving life.

As for the Bonnie and Clyde comparison, I like Jerry Capeci's tweak on that much better: "a dumb Bonnie and Clyde.

Currently out in the U.S., "Rob the Mob" goes into worldwide release later this year.


  1. So Ed, not exactly on topic with your story but since you mentioned it. Wondering what you thought about magic city if you watched it. I thought it was great and was disappointed that they canceled it . Got rid of Starz since that was the only reason to have it.

  2. Massino used Vinny to keep tabs on the Albanians...keep your friends close and your enemies closer. If I remember correctly the Uva's were killed by a Gambino soldier...Pizzonia?

  3. The movie is 90% bullshit, the true story of my friend Tommy and his wife would have been crazy enough without making shit up

  4. You saw it? Or is this what you think....just curious. I plan on seeing it soon.....

    1. If it wasn't a movie about my best friend than I would of liked it more but since I know the real story it just bothered me, just little things like his father getting bullied by the mob ( not true ). Tommy never smoked cigarettes and was from the bronx where his family owned a florist not Queens where he only lived for a short time, and many other things that were not true

  5. Yep; one of the hyperlinks takes you to the true story of the Uvas.

  6. He was in Sopranos too


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