This Site Surpasses 2 Million Page Views

Lineup of early organized crime members; Luciano, Lansky in middle....

I will make this brief... I have a certain profile of a certain writer I have been drafting for days, and think I finally have it in the shape I want. Now, the polish must be applied....

Two million (well, 2.03 million, to be more precise) is a lot of page views; it's a lot of anything.

I want to thank all of my readers, who looked at my blog 2 million times in the past couple of years.

I will keep on delivering content, but I will also try to take this operation to the next level by more aggressively selling advertising to hire the designers and writers I need to assist me in this effort. I don't want to explain what I mean by stepping to the next level; why reveal my strategy to my competitors, but it has everything to do with two words: tertiary and destination.

Now, if I can only get advertisers.... For 150 bucks your ad can get around 150,000 views per month. I don't think you can beat that, frankly. I can't believe more people aren't knocking on my door.

I'm going to have to start knocking on theirs....

See ya at the 3 million mark, which I plan to hit this year.

You keep reading; I'll keep writing....

Wandering what is the top-read story on this blog?

Leaked Court Records Expose D'Avanzo Mob Ties
Gotti Files Page: widely read
on this blog.

Top-read Page?

The John Gotti Sr Files


  1. Well you deserve it! I enjoy reading your articles, keep up the good work!

  2. Ed ~ You keep writing and we'll keep reading!! Congrats on the accomplishment!

  3. THANKS! To all of you -- I truly appreciate all of the kind words left here...


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