Alleged Corruption and Organized Crime in New Hampshire

Former thoroughbred owner Michael Gill seems to be waging a one-man war against criminal activity in New Hampshire and horse racing -- something seemingly specifically related to the Penn National Race Track in Grantville, Pa. (The racetrack has a casino attached, one of 11 casinos in Pennsylvania, according to

Or, as a press release issued today puts it: Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely - Press Release - Digital Journal: "Over the last few months, Mike Gill has been documenting his allegations of corruption and organized crime in the State of New Hampshire in a series of videos. Today he is releasing what he hopes to be the final video in this series."

It must have something to do with this story, which is from 2011: Grand jury calls for new oversight of Pennsylvania gaming | Paulick Report – Thoroughbred Horse Racing News: "After a two-year investigation, a Pennsylvania grand jury has issued a report saying the state’s Gaming Control Board needs an overhaul.  The investigation did not lead to any criminal charges, but the report was highly critical of the culture and procedures of the Board, particularly in issuing licenses to casinos at Presque Isle Downs and other locations.  It found violations of, among other things, hiring restrictions and nepotism prohibitions."

Gill writes that he is putting together a RICO case for the government that "involves government officials, judges and law firms," and which also targets what he calls "two large organized crime syndicates."

I have contacted him. Meanwhile, if you go to his website, which is hyperlinked below, you can read his stories (which aren't very clear unless you already are informed; he might consider rewriting his information so that people cruising the Net have a shot at understanding what he's talking about) and watch his videos. He sounds for real. I will keep you all updated. The "letter" he publishes on his blog is addressed to Ray Paulick, the writer/horse-racing guru I quote above...

State Of Corruption: "Dear Ray Paulick. I noticed there were some arrests last night, it turns out there is a bit of a gambling syndicate, isn't that what I said?  Now, what's the bet that you are going to see the other jockeys going down, then you'll see the trainers, commissioners, employees of Penn National, inside Penn National I might add, and there may be some media people who are going to have some cover-up issues.  I want you all to remember, shit-heads, that I called it...."

Paulick most recently has written about the Italian Mafia regarding a tainted meat scandal last year. An offer they couldn’t refuse? Mafia may be involved in horse meat scandal | Paulick Report – Thoroughbred Horse Racing News: "Britain’s Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Owen Paterson, says officials are investigating the possibility that the recent horse meat scandal in the region could have ties to Italian and Polish mafia gangs. Sources within the horse slaughter industry told The Observer that officials have been “intimidated” into identifying meat as beef when it is actually pork or horse, which are cheaper. "

Anyone out there familiar with any of this?