Want to Chat with Former Colombo Capo Michael Franzese?

Michael Franzese
EXCLUSIVE: Readers of Cosa Nostra News will soon have an opportunity to ask former Colombo capo Michael Franzese anything they'd like (as long as it's not moronic gibberish; by that, I refer to the tone. Rudeness will not be tolerated. Anything can be asked, as long as it's sincere and with civility).

I may moderate the webcast which is being put together for you, the readers of this blog, specifically.

I, for one, have a few questions I'd like to pose to Michael regarding exactly how he managed the transition out of the Mafia. Also, there are gaps in the story about the murder of Champagne Larry Carozza. And what does his dad think of all this?

Because we decided that logistics would be too much of an issue -- think of the steak dinner scenario for example -- it's been decided that the event will be a live webcast (meaning, although nothing is finalized as of yet, you would participate from your home computer); since we'll likely only be able to accommodate a certain number of people, virtual "seating" will be done on a first-come, first-served basis. Priority will be given to those who join my mailing list to receive my free newsletter, which will contain timely information as it breaks regarding the event.

Watch the video about Michael; at the end, check out the ABC news spot.

It will happen sometime in the next few weeks, ideally. Right now, I am trying to gauge interest.

And let me tell you something....  I've spoken with Michael Franzese and he's a solid guy. He brings it. He doesn't shy away from anything. He speaks the truth. He doesn't spin. He may not be proud of some of the things he's done, but he owns it all.

And if you think you're gonna intimidate him, you better be real because he's for real and he's not going to stand down.

He's still the son of the legendary Colombo family underboss John Sonny Franzese, 95 and back in prison, and that says it all.

Who'd be interested in participating in the webcast? Let me know via the poll and in the comments below. Michael himself will probably be checking in to see the response, so the stronger the better for those interested in participating...

And once again, if you are interested in this, sign up for my newsletter... See upper left hand column. I just need an email address. Since space for this event may be limited, I will send priority invitations to those on my subscription list.


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  1. Would asking him how he make money through crime in today's economy be a bad question? Like no offense to him , just solely out of curiosity. His a street guy , he sees things and hears them. You gotta admit that there was probably a thought that occurred in his head that he subconscious reply to himself " I can make money out of this"

    1. no he won't he made his and is lucky 2 be alive,most of his crew is gone and he never ratted on anybody in his crew he was very smart he ratted on some jew he didn't burn no italians.

  2. Anything is on the table. Anything....

  3. Sounds cool to me. I read "Blood Covenant" and was pretty intrigued. This gives me just another reason to read it again.

  4. Michael is right that life is over,and it was a bad 1 u don't know who to trust,1st of all u got your own against you jelousy and u got law watching you all the time my father was in it he was a boss is driver and my father knew his father ask him if he remembers the bookie Joe Lane

  5. oh i forgot 2 mention that my father was a friend of Michael's father

  6. If you have any questions i can answer them as well as Michael i came from Brooklyn NY and still do the to that guy;s question is no u can't make money like years ago it's a different world today then it was 1st you got the feds watching everything,all the wise guys left don't step out anymore,my advice to that guy is stay away from that go 2 work everyday,when u put your head on your pillow it will be clear not full of worries worry is the intrest paid by those who borrow trouble.

    1. You can answer the questions as well as Michael?
      Unless you are Michael, how can you do that?
      Were you/ are you a Made Man in LCN?
      Were you on the list of the 50 most wealthiest & Powerful mafia Bosses?
      Then why would you make a statement that you can answer the questions as well as Michael?

  7. Hello he his a Great man Michael Franzese we had the same Cadillac back in the late 1985 it was 1985 white Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz Convertible with blue dash he is a sincere guy miss you Michael i hope i get the chance to say hello to you Paul from Canarsie Brooklyn Best Guy Michael is.

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    3. How do I get you my email without everyone seeing it?

    4. <----Go to the left hand column. At the top is a list of my Mafia News Categories, then the site search, then the title COSA NOSTRA NEWSLETTER.... You simply type in your email address where it says "Join our mailing list." Quite a few people seem to have trouble locating this so I may put it on top of the column and right "Join Here."

  9. Yes, would like to listen to this if I'm around. Thank you

  10. what year did mike get made he says 1975 in his book but people like john gotti and his brother got made in 77. that .means he had the best of them for those 2 yrs. did Carlo gambino make any guys in the 70 tys or did big Paul open the floodgates after Carlos death.and how much you pay the persicos to let you live. also if you new your brother was a rat why didn't you tell your dad. did bro die of the aids.

  11. It seems like michael has found god but does he truly have forgiveness in his heart for his younger brother who ratted out his father? Let's see if he will act so "godly" if he is asked that question. Question his soul to see if he truly repented.


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