What's Going on With Scarfo FirstPlus Trial?

Nicky Scarfo Jr's defense has an extra week to generate more
fodder to use in their filibuster.
Charged with taking over the Texas-based FirstPlus Financial mortgage company and looting its shareholders of $12 million, Nicodemo S. Scarfo and Salvatore Pelullo face a week of idle wondering about their future fates.

There will be no testimony this coming week, according to U.S. District Judge Robert Kugler, who has to tend to some housekeeping issues.

The prosecution rested on April 22nd, and the defense began making its case, which was projected to last around three weeks at that time. Word is that George Anastasia has been in attendance.

The defense is said to be filibustering, which means, basically, stalling.

By the way, is anyone wondering why Nicky Scarfo Junior is a member of the Luchese family?

Nicky Scarfo's dad still had some juice. Sharing a cell can forge a tight bond between two men. And that seems to be how Scarfo Jr. was saved from a hit squad. His dad and Vittorio “Little Vic” Amuso, pictured above, discussed how to save Nicky's son.

Amuso was boss at the time and obviously decided to help his celly by plucking his son out of danger the quickest, easiest way possible: by inducting him into one of New York's five families, rendering him virtually untouchable in the underworld.

In early 2012, Amuso reportedly was "asked" and agreed to formally step down as boss of the Luchese family, even though he reportedly was not exactly enthused about this decision. Steven “Stevie Wonder” Crea then ascended into the official boss role, which he has held ever since.

Last we heard Nicky Senior is taking good care of himself healthwise so he can get out in 30 years and kill a couple of people who'll already be dead anyway.

Recent story on the trial: At Scarfo trial, each side invokes mob to press its case: "The meeting at a North Jersey bar was convened to set things straight. Contrary to rumors bouncing around the Philadelphia-New Jersey mob world, Pete "the Crumb" Caprio did not have a hit out on Nicodemo S. Scarfo, son of the jailed, infamous mob boss."

As for Ronald Galati Sr., he is sitting in a jail cell waiting for his July trial. He probably won't be moving out for a long time, as the feds filed new charges at the end of April. According to the most recent indictment, prosecutors in Camden accuse Galati of orchestrating a November attack on Andrew Tuono, 34, in Atlantic City. Tuono survived three bullets to the stomach.

Galati already faces charges for a murder-for-hire plot in Philadelphia, and a Pennsylvania grand jury is probing his involvement in an alleged insurance fraud.

Galati, a 63-year-old auto mechanic, now faces federal charges alleging that he offered to pay three men to kill the boyfriend of his daughter Tiffany, 33.

Recent story on Galati: U.S. says Galati had hit men shoot daughter's beau: "Galati has remained in custody in Philadelphia without bail since city prosecutors accused him in December of hiring the same trio to kill Joseph Rao Sr., a rival mechanic who testified against him before the grand jury, and Rao's son. That plot was stopped before any attempt was made on their lives. In arguing to keep Galati behind bars until his trial scheduled for July, prosecutors cited his "close personal connections" to top mob figures, including reputed Philadelphia mob boss Joseph "Uncle Joe" Ligambi."


  1. Ed, are you suggesting that Nicholas Scarfo Jr. might have flipped?

    1. Ah, no... just reporting what a little birdy told me whose in the mortgage business and closely following the trial. They could be stalling to get a better plea deal, less years, lower fines, etc.

    2. A while back i asked if galatis daughter and boyfriend were in wittness protection any truth to that. Also nicodemo trial is supposed to start in may do they have a day mentioned

  2. FYI Steven Crea is known as 'Herbie' on the street. Not really sure where this stevie wonder shit comes from.

    1. I made it up, Funz... Capeci uses "Stevie Wonder"...just reading "Mob Boss" about Al D'Arco -- some amazing stuff in there. Al and Crea, for example, discussed whacking Gaspipe after Amuso was nabbed. They had long realized something was going wrong. Also Al claims Sal Avellino.was supposed to get killed with D'Arco in the hotel. Jerry's exquisite writing ability transforms that scene into a surrealistic nightmare. I'm doing a story on it. It's probably the best suspense I've ever read, so many things were going on, Al.noticed all the telltale signs, Avellino, in a daydream didn't start detecting something was wrong until Al reached into his pocket, pretending to hold a gun that wasn't there.


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